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Author Topic: JessyBee , Swansea  (Read 1520 times)

10 review(s) for jessybee (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

I saw JessyBee last year, since I'm new to this site I think I should review the experience I had as to inform other guys willys about what you might expect when booking her.  Your in for a good time!

I had an unquenched thirst to put my magic wand up a poop shoot the day I contacted every available woman I could find on AW.  Nobody, even with 'at my discretion', wanted the magic that day.  So I contacted Jessy. The tale is as follows:

Her green light on AW wasn't on available on the day I was searching for some pwn, but I text her anyways to see if she was.  She was kind and lovely and said she was available.  So with some excellent inter-human communication skills we arranged a time and she said the poop shoot was taking as well as giving on said day.  Filled with excitement I twiddled my thumbs until it was time to make my travels. 10/10

It was in Swansea, near a main road so extremely easy to find and with a shit tonne of parking available! 10/10

This was only the second time I'd been to see a lady of the night.  I explained to her as I shakily peeled off my clothes and she immediately put me to ease by sucking my sword.  As is expected she worshipped my little man claiming to be magnificent and really big, customer relations were at an all time high!  The she asked how I wanted her first.  Not really though this through I said "from behind" to which she gleefully jumped on the bed butt up high and head to the pillow.  After a while of staring at the brown eye from behind wishing I was inside that instead, I asked her, to which she replied "of course!" and grabbed the lube and oiled up the carbon rod.  Now, I'm a failry modest man, my dwayne johnson isn't huge but it is bigger than the internet perceived average, so I was surprised when she took the entire thing.  BALLS DEEP!  That was it I was in heaven!

To finish our time she jacked me off while I asked her about her sexual exploits, trying to get dirty things out so I could cum all over her walls, bed, face. 


Awesome!  Such a lovely friendly girl who is up for anything!  There's nothing worse than paying your money and humping a joyless bore of a person.  I'd rather go to Tesco deli and plow a ham.  Jessy was the perfect host and entertainer.  Well worth it and high;y recommended.

You're tempting me.  I've been thinking of seeing her for the past year.

Offline Swansea1

I saw her last year, she is friendly and enthusiastic in everything she does.She included face sitting and anal at no extra charge. .

Offline greggspeter

Visited last year  before I was leaving reviews here.  Great time with a willing girl who offered the works.  Recommended
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Offline Boblowjob

I've seen Jess recently and she's moving to Manchester end of August. So if you want to see her best be quick.
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Offline Gigiddy

 Should you go and see her ?

Your experience with her will be a benchmark for all others

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Offline pork sword

I've seen Jess recently and she's moving to Manchester end of August. So if you want to see her best be quick.
.  What area of Manchester is she moving to did she say?

Offline Boblowjob

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She's only going for 2 months (from 24th August) according to her AW profile:

https://www.adultwork.com/2883148 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessybee

10 review(s) found for jessybee linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Boblowjob

She told me it could be up to a year.. Who knows eh
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Online Redevil86

She went to Swansea for a few weeks when she left Newport and never went back, time will tell but she will be another loss to s . Wales punting scene .

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