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Author Topic: Naughty Elly  (Read 462 times)

10 review(s) for Xxx jessie (2 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline mbyrnes

Been a while since I posted I'll probably do a back-log of reviews when i get time.

Who: Naughty Elly
When: 07/2016
Location: Central London, Aldgate.
Cost: £180
Duration: 90 minutes
Services I used: Regular sex (many positions), Oral with condom, some deep throat (OW)


Body: 9/10
Face: 8/10
Attitude: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Overall: 6/10

Previous reviews from others are very accurate. Girl is certainly the one from the pictures. Probably the most glamour looking working girl I have been with. Second to none figure with large fake breasts (still felt nice). Amazing ass and tiny waist. Sharp blue eyes and a face so made up she really looked almost silly. Very slutty though, which I liked.

Very transactional but actually warmed up after the first pop and a little massage (me on her). Even got her smiling (!). Oral is covered. She made an excuse about the dentist but based on other reviews I would just expect OW if you go. At first she was very shallow and only obliging for a few minutes. By the end of the session I had her on her knees, holding her head and shoving my cock in and out of her throat. She *can* DT well, but it was hard work to get her to that point. Good luck; took best part of an hour and I'm fucking charming  :cool:

Sex in all positions, best being doggy. Punt was pretty average but in all my punts this was easily my best doggy experience. This is the only reason why it's not a negative review. Nice well rounded bubble butt, soft but firm. Took my very deep in different doggy style positions, and her ass is amazing to behold and grabbing onto her tiny waist (zero fat) while I went nuts felt great. Anal was off the table (i'm too large apparently, which I'm not)

I did 3 pops in about 70 minutes. Couldn't really muster the energy for the remaining 20 so got a massage instead. Don't usually do that as I Like to maximise my punt time, but because she was so transactional, there was absolutely no time wasting. Literally as a hoped out of the shower at the start she looked at me as was like "so lets fuck" and we were going at it within 4 minutes of my arriving.

Sex itself was pretty good, and she was happy to work during those periods. For the service she gives, it was good. But it's the service she doesn't give (although advertised) which let's her rating down.If you want to have a fast session with a very attractive glamour looking girl, then she's a decent punt. If you want anything remotely close to a GFE or even a full on PSE, then look elsewhere. No chemistry, no kissing, no OWO (and by extension CIM/CIF or swallow). Instead, just serious fucking.
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10 review(s) found for Xxx jessie linked to in above post (2 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative)

If I'm paying 180 for a hour I better be getting owo otherwise I'm walking.

Offline mbyrnes

Her rate is £120 for an hour, £180 for 90 minutes. I left around 90 minutes but did my three pops in 70. She didn't rush me to be fair I just couldn't hold it in  :lol:

Her rate is £120 for an hour, £180 for 90 minutes. I left around 90 minutes but did my three pops in 70. She didn't rush me to be fair I just couldn't hold it in  :lol:

Oh ok I thought you paid 180 for a hour my bad  :hi:

Thanks mbyrnes. 

Romanian catch 22: so fuckable girls but very transactional offering.
I'll keep her on HL; when that "fast session with a very attractive glamour looking girl" need takes me   :kissgirl:

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