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Author Topic: Anne Lee ....Edinburgh  (Read 928 times)

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Anne Lee is a stunningly beautiful young lady...with a size 6 body that oozes sex. Genuinely Oriental, with a sexy London accent..only she could make a southern accent so sexy. She is intelligent, funny and great company to be with.

Location Despite her profile stating she is City Centre Edinburgh, she is in fact in Bonnyrigg, which is 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Conveniently, the 31 bus from The Bridges stops right outside her flat. The property itself is very tidy, in fact it is brand new and when you arrive in the area you should not be put off by the amount of building work going on. To be honest, it is very discrete with ample parking.

The Booking I booked a 30 minute sensual massage, which was B2B and completely naked. Anne Lee slid her stunning carcass all over with ease, so much so I nearly dozzed off! Her constant playing with my ball sack kept we alert however! Aroused, I was asked to turn over and there was no better sight than her gently stroking off my shaft. Her beautiful eyes fixed on mine as I just oggled at her amazing - slightly enhanced - tits. A few chugs, and unable to hold back I let my load fill the air. Lee Anne gently massaged me further until I was able get back up off her floor mat.

Anh Li Only after arriving at her flat and meeting her, I realised that she was indeed Anh Li who worked from Dalry Gait a few years back before she went to London. Personal circumstances has brought her back. I visited her two years ago, and spent an hour with her for an escort booking. I posted a positive comment back then stating she had given me one of the best blow jobs ever, and I still maintain that is the case.

Recommendation Anne Lee is great company. She clearly knows what a man wants, whether you chose to pay for a massage only or the full escort rates. Personally, I think her massage rates are great value for money. However, having paid £150 for an excellent hour 2 years ago, I would imagine that she may struggle to demand those prices out in Bonnyrigg. Having said that, I would...and I will definitely be back to have my cock sucked dry by this wonderful sex machine.

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5 review(s) found for Anne Lee linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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