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Author Topic: whose reviews do you trust ?  (Read 406 times)

Offline pdq

i have been an aw user since 2006

so i have a few reviews there and on here

sometimes i look to see where a few others have gone and if they have tried a girl i know going there is a winner

i trust steel on aw  ( from this area )  https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewRatings.asp?UserID=13360

who do you trust ?
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Offline normal_guy

Nowadays I just go by here really.

Offline cueball

I trust no one on AW, I cross check AW fb to lasses I've seen to see if the punters are genuine but that's as far it goes.

What's written is irrelevant to me unless it's bad, I don't need to know about gems, looking after her, carlsberg or if she's a one off.

All I want know from AW is if she's real or a scam.

My trusted punting buddies are solely on here.

Offline BP96

Likewise, I don't trust AW at all now. Even here I am careful.

Offline cueball

. Even here I am careful.

Yes, I'll read and take on-board what a lot post but there's only a small number that I trust.

There's a guy on Adult Work who seems to like the same kind of girls I do. I have booked a couple of girls with no feedback on here or little on AW when I've noticed he has seen her and not been let down.

I disregard anyone who reviews with poor grammar and the guys who pop up with 7 or 8 random posts then review someone.

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