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Author Topic: BellaBlond - Bracknell  (Read 644 times)

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Offline JimmRed


One for your amusement

Location - Bracknell, less than 5 minutes from the train station. Plenty of parking in a nearby pub or a multi-storey near by. Flat is smart, new and tidy.

Comms - Excellent, contacted through AW for an appointment half a week later, had a reply swiftly and after some ping pong

Personality - Engaging and warm, made plenty of suggestions throughout the event.

Appearance - exactly as in her profile pictures, mid to late 30's long blonde hair and enhanced boobs (good ones, didn't feel bad or look it), quite short FYI but well equipped :) (she needed those heels to cope with my 6 foot height. If you're super tall you might find her a bit small, but then again that has its advantages, so long as you don't want her to kiss your mouth.)

Services - Light FK but good kisser, I am not into DFK so it was nice, what I wanted. OWO, Doggy (attempted)

As in the above this was an easy one to arrange, she responded well to questions and was wearing exactly what I requested on arrival, welcoming and friendly, also left the paperwork till after, which I really liked (I'd made a point of putting my wallet out on the side so she could see there was no issue.)

My 2nd punt ever, and I was determined to improve on my nervous state from the first, which I achieved to a certain degree, largely helped by her professional and warm manner. I felt at ease and engaged. We undressed each other a bit, kissing and touching all the way. We headed south and were soon engaged in OWO, and bloody hell best oral I've ever received and this proved to be my undoing... splat. Now I've not figured out when you should wank or not before a punt, and I'd left it too long it seems. She scolded me (playfully) for not telling her to stop as she was only getting started.

After clean up and some more fore play she gave me a nice tit wank engaged and confident throughout, then pulled me up to give her mouth another go. However I was struggling after that early go and after attempting some doggy it was clear JT was done for the day. She and I continued through some foreplay, but just ended up talking about some things (her English is heavily accented, but strong you can easily have a conversation easily)

One thing to note at the point she didn't seem to like being fingered as throughout she kept her legs closed except when offering it up for my JT. Maybe it was me being crap, but either way FYI.

Now I paid for the hour (£150), but obviously fell at the hurdle early, she made every effort to push/pull me through a 2nd round and get me my moneys worth in my opinion, she offered to keep going for quite and it was I who basically said I'm done. With this a brief shower I noticed when I put my watch back on we'd gone over my time, but she still engaged me in conversation and helped me dress, playfully squeezing me all the while, talking about next time she'd get me through 3 rounds...

Would I return - yes, excellent lady, would have already but she's off to Brazil till the end of August, but watch out for that ow(o) it will prove your undoing.

12 review(s) found for bellablond linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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