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Author Topic: Giving Up Punting  (Read 758 times)

Offline SammyMustDie

Right...here goes.

For personal reasons Im just about to give up punting in the next couple of weeks. Have had some great experiences, some not so great - much like any punter Im sure!!!

Im going for my last punt next weekend and want to have a memorable punt that I'll never forget...any suggestions from you guys?

Im based in Watford but can travel quite easily, so what should I go for????

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Offline MisterP

Without knowing your personal reasons, why would one want a memorable punt to end on?  Chainsmoke ten in a row to get that nausea before you quit.  Don't end it on that glorious one after a meal with some fine wine. 
You mean give up temporarily, right? Or is this just a way to ensure an awesome recommendation without anyone here sugar coating? 

Offline SammyMustDie

I am planning on giving up. Thought a great punt to end on might seem fitting!
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Offline mh

So what have been your most memorable punts so far? It will give us a clue as to what you are looking for in a great final punt. Names, places, dates will allow us to work out who you are talking about.

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