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Author Topic: FBSM - Katyhealthcare4u  (Read 1042 times)

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Katyhealthcare4u –

Works from a house in a cul-de-sac in Kings Heath, has a small drive you can park on or there is plenty of road parking available too, the room is a reasonable size with a bed and massage table. I think Katy is somewhere in her mid-30’s but I have to say I am rubbish with age so don’t hold me to that. She is reasonably good looking although I think looks a little different to her pics, they are her but think might have had a bit of Photoshop done to them. She has a nice body, good size boobs, around a C or D cup, quite slim and didn’t notice a tummy or anything, she was wearing a red tight dress with black bra and thong underneath. She gives a very good massage, is fully trained and knows exactly what she is doing, I had a bad shoulder and she sorted it out perfectly. She is very friendly and chatty too so keeps you relaxed at all times with conversations but knows when to stay quiet too, maybe a little crazy but in a nice way. I paid £80 for a body2body massage for an hour at 11pm, we ran over quite a bit but she didn’t seem to mind, think I was there for about an hour 40 in total. She offered me a drink and shower when I got there, also offered a shower after too and was in no rush to get me out the door. She does the occasional tease while massaging, running her fingers along the bum crack, and teasing balls and a little reach under to make sure you know what’s to come. She was happy for me to have a feel of her legs and ass while giving me a head massage, but did have a little dress on at that point so was a little restricted but don’t mind that as gives a teaser to what’s to come later. She then undresses so is totally naked and gives a very sexy body2body massage with plenty of hot oils, first with me on my front, then with me facing up, really knows how to use her body well and doesn’t rush. She was happy for me to have a feel of her body and seemed to enjoy French kissing too which is always a bonus. I think with any of the girls, it all depends on how much they like you to how far you can go so can only tell you about my experience, with Katy I got a very good massage, great body2body, french kissing, and was happy for me play/suck her boobs, and even some reverse oral with fingering which was unexpected before finishing me with a very good hand technique all off over her boobs.

I would definitely go to see Katy again and we spoke a lot after the meet too but unfortunately she seems to have disappeared, I know she suffers from depression so might be the reason why she is not around anymore but if she comes back I would highly recommend her.

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