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Author Topic: delilah or sophia of premium escorts  (Read 967 times)

Offline spartan

Too much talent in the north east right now and I've narrowed it down to Delilah or Sophia for my next punt.  But as I'm an indecisive kind of guy, wondered what your opinions would be on the better punt?

Who is better looking and and delivers services with extra umph?


Can't speak for Sophia..... but can only recommend Delilah as a 10/10.

Attractive in an off kilter sort of way - think Courtney Love meets a young Daniela Nardini.

Bedroom wise....... you'd struggle a LOT to get someone more enthusiastic, downright dirty and open minded than Delilah. An EXPERIENCE!!!

Offline 3rdManIn

Daniela Nardini now or in the 90s?

LOL.... I did say a YOUNG Daniela Nardini........      i.e the '90's  ;)

Daniela Nardini now or in the 90s?

Offline Bjdude

Both ten of of tenners so its down to what you want out of it. Delilah is eccentric, the Heaton flat is like a junk shop, but then you have a brilliant bj and fuck. She will put quality music or porn on the laptop and the time will just fly over. Sophia for me is just stunning, could suck cock for England , the venue is better cleaner and again the time just flies over. You pays your money.........but for me I would choose Sophia.

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Offline frenchhorn

Sophia for me aswell
Sophia body and looks but only just
Delilah a bit more on the service experience
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Offline dino1990

consider Jada from premium as well. her pussy is like a vice and her body is incredible. Genuine DFK. sucks like a dyson and takes a good mouth full

Offline Bjdude

True, she has a brilliant oral technique and loves a facial in front of the mirror.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (bjdude, chesterlad)

Just toss a coin; you can't go wrong with either girl. 

Delilah is more submissive if that suits you.  Sophia I find easier to talk to, so that might be a factor depending on how long you're booking for. 

Offline frenchhorn

Banning reason: Idiot who won't accept rule against STD allegations

Offline Bengeo13

I've seen both, and as bjdude says - they are both ten out of tenners
Just to balance the discussion it would be Delilah for me
But no complaints with either

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