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Author Topic: Lola Viva St Doncaster  (Read 513 times)

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Offline Finn


Just a quick review I was feeling a little in need of company late Saturday night and since there was no one available on adult work I tired Viva St

After texting to see if she was still working received an immediate phone call back and arranged an incall booking in Hexthorpe doncaster for 11:30pm she text me the post code and told me to ring when I got there.

On arrival the comms were very difficult since her english was very very limited and only after speaking to another girl found the place after 10 mins or so

Terraced house on hexthorpe road  , not the smartest but clean obviously several girls working there

Lola is very very pretty , slim toned body , small breasts and not as firm as I would of liked

Not as advertised at all no kissing no OWO , wouldn't even touch me till I covered up , very enthusiastic cowgirl in they way she moved but this didn't transfer to her face


Started poorly with trying to find the place, once in the room confusing as she kept saying what after I handed over the cash ( gave me the feeling I was about to get conned) none of the services advertised allowed and overall felt very mechanical , wish I had only payed for 30 mins as it was a 1 pop job . Think I will stick to Adult work from now on.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Sorry to hear you had a shit time fella.

Why do these EE's do this ??  :dash: :dash: :dash: Sergei should teach them how to read English then they could deliver what is advertised. :dash: :dash: :dash:

Shame as she looks fit as. :yahoo: :yahoo:

Another one to avoid. :bomb: :bomb:

Offline Finn

Yeah very pretty girl , as I said just going to stick to AW from now on at least there is a bit of communication beforehand and you can get an idea of what they are like 

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