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Author Topic: FBSM - Katyhealthcare4u, Bella, Sammy, Nancy  (Read 2652 times)

Hi all, been here for a couple of months or so and have spoken to many of you to ask for advice about the best girls to see for a FBSM, firstly thanks to everyone who gave me advice, it was much appreciated. I have been to see 4 girls now since joining here but not had the time to write a review for them until now so hope it helps others….the 4 girls I have seen are Katyhealthcare4u, Bella/Jina, Sammy/Sammi, & Nancy.

Katyhealthcare4u –

Works from a house in a cul-de-sac in Kings Heath, has a small drive you can park on or there is plenty of road parking available too, the room is a reasonable size with a bed and massage table. I think Katy is somewhere in her mid-30’s but I have to say I am rubbish with age so don’t hold me to that. She is reasonably good looking although I think looks a little different to her pics, they are her but think might have had a bit of Photoshop done to them. She has a nice body, good size boobs, around a C or D cup, quite slim and didn’t notice a tummy or anything, she was wearing a red tight dress with black bra and thong underneath. She gives a very good massage, is fully trained and knows exactly what she is doing, I had a bad shoulder and she sorted it out perfectly. She is very friendly and chatty too so keeps you relaxed at all times with conversations but knows when to stay quiet too, maybe a little crazy but in a nice way. I paid £80 for a body2body massage for an hour at 11pm, we ran over quite a bit but she didn’t seem to mind, think I was there for about an hour 40 in total. She offered me a drink and shower when I got there, also offered a shower after too and was in no rush to get me out the door. She does the occasional tease while massaging, running her fingers along the bum crack, and teasing balls and a little reach under to make sure you know what’s to come. She was happy for me to have a feel of her legs and ass while giving me a head massage, but did have a little dress on at that point so was a little restricted but don’t mind that as gives a teaser to what’s to come later. She then undresses so is totally naked and gives a very sexy body2body massage with plenty of hot oils, first with me on my front, then with me facing up, really knows how to use her body well and doesn’t rush. She was happy for me to have a feel of her body and seemed to enjoy French kissing too which is always a bonus. I think with any of the girls, it all depends on how much they like you to how far you can go so can only tell you about my experience, with Katy I got a very good massage, great body2body, french kissing, and was happy for me play/suck her boobs, and even some reverse oral with fingering which was unexpected before finishing me with a very good hand technique all off over her boobs.

I would definitely go to see Katy again and we spoke a lot after the meet too but unfortunately she seems to have disappeared, I know she suffers from depression so might be the reason why she is not around anymore but if she comes back I would highly recommend her.

Bella/Jina –

Works from the apartments near Tesco on Bath Row, when I saw her she was actually working from her friends flat as was going out with her after but I am not sure who her friend was as didn’t see her. There is parking available but is pay and display, the apartment itself was nice with an en-suite, the room had a bed and massage table. Bella said she was 37 but I think she is actually older than she says, I’d say she is mid-40’s but she does look good for her age. She has a good body with I’d guess C cup boobs, quite slim and friendly, her English is good and can have a good laugh with her although she is very keen on finding a guy to marry as kept mentioning it and joking about it. She did say she normally wears something sexier but as she was at a friend’s flat and was going to go out after just had on some tight white jeans and a top but strip off fully naked before starting the massage. I paid £80 for body2body for an hour and to be fair was in about out in just slightly over that but she seems fine with that. She gave a reasonable massage, no way near to the standard as Katy but was ok, does the occasional tease with stroking balls and cock during the massage which is always a plus but don’t think she would be able to fix any muscle problems you might have. She gave a nice sexy body2body, used her body well again first with me on my front while giving my neck kisses and then me on my back. Again this is only my experience but she was happy to kiss even though mostly closed lips, was happy for me to have a feel of her body, suck her boobs/nipples, and for the finale was happy for me to play with her clit and slip a finger inside while she finished me off with her hand which have to admit did feel very good with her technique.

I am not 100% sure if I would go to see Bella again, I think would depend on the mood really, if I wanted a good massage for an ache or pain then I would say no but if just wanted some release then I’d say yes.

Sammy / Sammi –

Works from the apartments on Alfred Knight Way, parking is available outside the flats which is free after midday I think but before that you might have to find a pay and display somewhere, you could always park on Bath Row and walk there in about 5 mins. The flat is new and looked nice, the bedroom had a bed rather than a massage table which I think is more comfy as more room to move around, the shower room is separate but shower is large enough for 2 people. I paid £80 for body2body for an hour, which ran over to about an hour and half but Sammy didn’t seem to be bothered about this at all. Sammy is in her 50’s, not as good looking as the younger girls as expected but is no means ugly or anything, she was wearing a lacy see through red dress with black bra and knickers underneath which she stripped off before starting the massage. She has a nice body for someone of her age, very nice boobs which are around a C cup but with very big pointy nipples. She has a perfect personality, really friendly and caring, I had a bad cough when I went to see her and before even starting the massage or even talk about what I wanted she sat me down, gave me a bottle of water and went and made me a hot Chinese drink to help my throat which I thought was very nice of her and very unexpected. Once paper work was sorted, she started with a foot massage, soaking my feet in water which felt nice, and kept checking I was ok and if needed anything. Onto the bed with me face down and started the massage, she is trained so the massage was very good, asked how firm I wanted it and always asked if wanted anything different, she does a mix of firm Thai and sensual, with quite a lot of teasing of the balls and ass during the massage. She does a great reach under, taking her time to make sure you last, then moves onto a body2body with more teasing and kissing on the neck and was happy for me to reach behind me and grab her ass for support. Once I turned over she continued the massage with a lot more teasing, which then moved onto more body2body where she was happy for me to have a feel of her body, allowed me to play and suck her nipples which like everyone else has said are huge. For the finale I was semi lying down with her on top of me which allowed me to play with her clit while she finished me off, again her technique is very good and didn’t take long to finish. We chilled for a bit on the bed then moved onto the assisted shower, where she takes her time to wash you and tease you a bit more, she is also very happy for you to soap her up and assist her, during which I did have another nice feel of her but she said we should stop now before we get carried away. Once out the shower, she dried me down and gave a few more teasing strokes of the old fella with a little kiss before handing me my boxers.

I would definitely go see Sammy again, purely for her personality and the way she treated you during the time with her, she is raunchy and gives a very good massage and overall great service.

Nancy –

Works from the apartments on Mason Way, parking is available on the road outside or the side road, again it’s free after midday. The flat is nice inside with a bed and massage table in the room, the shower room is separate but the shower is very small which I think a larger gent might struggle with, definitely no room for an assisted shower. I paid £80 for body2body for an hour, it never felt rushed but I was in an out of there in the full hour, didn’t run over but I think that might be because Nancy mentioned she had a massage booked straight after. Nancy is quite young, around late 20’s I think, she is good looking but didn’t think she was as hot as others have mentioned but that is only my opinion and mean no offence to anyone who disagrees with me. She was wearing a black baby doll dress with a black thong which made her ass look very sexy and firm but had no bra on so could see her great boobs which I’d say are a D cup, very firm and I’d say are implants with the way they felt. She has a nice personality although she seems a little quiet but not sure if that was just the way she was or just didn’t click in that way. Sorted out paperwork and asked me to strip and get on the massage table, she disappeared and came back with just her thong on which got my attention so definitely made a few comments to break the ice which we laughed about. Her massage technique is good although not that firm but feels nice and she also climbs on top too while massage to use her body weight for pressure. Guys please don’t take offence by this, I am just repeating what she said so to give you all the info I got from her, she mentioned she finds it difficult to massage guys with larger muscles as she gets tired quickly, I am not that large but am very toned with an athletic build so said was ok for her, she didn’t say it was a bad thing to massage a guy with large muscles but she just gets tired quick so it’s difficult. The other thing she mentioned was she finds it difficult to massage really hairy guys with oil as the hair comes off and goes everywhere and also it doesn’t feel very nice for her when doing body2body, she doesn’t complain to them but just mentioned it to me as was saying it feels nice for her to massage me as my skin is soft with not much hair. After massaging for a while she moved to my head and back, standing at the top end of the table so got a nice look of her thong and could feel her boobs against my head while reached down to my bum, think was her way of teasing a bit, she does do the occasional reach under teasing but not as much as Sammy. She removed her thong and moved onto body2body which felt very nice, especially her boobs as they are very firm, she then asked me to turn over and continued with the body2body at which point I got to have a nice feel, she was happy for me to grab her ass and even reach round and have a nice rub of clit, whilst doing this she moved further up in order to make it easier for me to reach her clit from behind and have a nice suck of her boobs/nipples, whilst she reached down and played with me. This went on for a while as she seemed to be enjoying it and didn’t even mind me slipping a finger inside her but I didn’t push too much as felt good and didn’t want her to move. I could feel she was very wet so obviously made a few comments to her and joked with her saying I bet it tastes as good as she feels so she asked me if I’d like to find out so obviously I wasn’t going to say no. She lay on the massage table with her legs spread so obviously I sunk my head between her legs and started giving her a good licking with the occasional fingering but not too deep. After a while I felt her grab my head and was breathing heavy then felt her whole body started shaking so can only assume she came, I stood up while still having my hand on her clit and gently teasing her, she was still laying on the bed, think a bit exhausted from coming but grabbed me to pull me closer and started giving me oral which I didn’t expect. I told her I wasn’t going to last long so she asked me to lie down on the bed while she got on top and played with me for the finale still allowing me to have a nice feel of her. As time was now very short and she had another appointment, I had a quick shower and she went to her room to have her shower so could get ready for the next meet, we had a quick chat and hug then left.

I would definitely go see Nancy again purely due to the additional services I got from her without any extra, but if I wanted a firmer massage for muscles aches, I would rather go see wither Sammy or Katy if she comes back.


That’s my reviews for the 4 girls I have seen and hope they help, if you guys have any other questions feel free to drop me a personal message and I will reply when I can. I would like to say again though that these are only my experiences and as I am sure you all know the girls respond differently to different guys so please don’t hold me responsible if the service you get is different to my experience.

I think Jane is the only other FBSM left to try and I have heard she gives a very good firm massage with great technique so will have to give her a try although I have read she does not do any other services no matter if takes a liking to you or not so would have to be a time when want purely a massage and no extras which isn’t very often. I might even have to try a FS girl soon so if anyone can recommend anyone who isn’t charging an arm and a leg then please drop me a personal message about your recommendations. Thanks

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As per the site rules, only one review thread per punt.
You should create a new review for each girl.

My apologies, i have created a separate review for each of the ladies. Thanks for letting me know and moving this to the correct area.

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Thanks for taking the time to write that lot Montana. I have seen them all and my experience and opinions pretty well matched your own.
I would disagree when say there is only Jane left. She is well worth seeing but there are so many others for you to try.....Scarlett, Sukanda, Mally, Hannah and Lola in Wolves and many more.
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Hi dodo, I thought it was about time I got my lazy ass to write a review as know many helped me with their advice and reviews so just wanted to return the favour with my experiences.

Since doing the review I have seen quite a few names knocking around like the ones you mentioned and others so looks like the list could be endless. I'm not sure if I want to adventure out for a FS next time or stick with the FBSM for now, will have to do some homework on the girls you mentioned and check out some reviews for FS to see who is next on the hotlist haha

Offline fredhiggins

Brilliant stuff.

No complaints from me about format. Well done for taking the time to write it.


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Hi M!

Well written, honest, detailed reviews!  :thumbsup:

Gives a lot of info. for newbies!

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Hi guys new to the area and was looking for a good FBSM provider. I think I found links for most of the ones mentioned in this thread but was wondering if this is the Katy that is mentioned here?

Offline normski


Hi guys new to the area and was looking for a good FBSM provider. I think I found links for most of the ones mentioned in this thread but was wondering if this is the Katy that is mentioned here?
That's not Katy but Suka.

Thanks normski, does anyone have a link for Katy?

Offline Brunbear

Hi everyone.
I was yesterday with Sammy (http://services.vivastreet.co.uk/massage+birmingham-b1/-thai-massage-by-sammy/129607948) and (https://www.gumtree.com/p/thai-massage-services/-thai-massage-by-sammy-/1138662274). She is extremely friendly and welcoming. On top of that the massage (FB) was really good. She was playful and took a good care of everything  :wacko:
She helped in the shower and getting dressed. I left relaxed and very satisfied. Money well spend.

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