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Author Topic: Pregnant Poppy - anyone seen her?  (Read 470 times)

Offline Mob69

Has anyone seen this lady, Pregnant Poppy, in Leeds? I'm tempted but the lack of pictures is putting me off...


Offline stevedave

She keeps cropping up on my searches, service wise she sounds good, but for me it doesn't do anything for me to shag a pregnant lass. I was hard enough with my ex when she was up the duff!

Each to their own though, I know it will appeal to some.

She was on here before she was pregnant with face pic and the lot, can't remember the name though sadly. I was never interested in booking then. Pretty sure she was part of a group of girls on adult work who looked good but my punting senses told me not to book.

Offline yorkie

She won't be offering pregnant services anymore. Was booked to see her yesterday but she cancelled as was going into labour! I always fancied a pregnant lass too.

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