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Author Topic: new girl required  (Read 750 times)

Offline poe

Right, i'm new to this site today. I offer a brief review on a couple of local WG, put ultimately seek advise from your seasoned punters.

Bianka forever


Love this girl, I've been seeing her on and off for years, in several flats in brum. She's pretty, under £100 per hour, great company, loves life and give a great girlfriend experience without asking. Lots of DFK, owo, cowgirls firm and fast, grabs/slaps my ass while in missionary, good massage and sticks her finger up my chocolate starfish while trying milk a 2nd pop out of me.
However......she's become very unreliable and hard to visit. She's stood me up four/five times this year & I swore I'd not contact her again......but like most men, I'm weak.
Got an hour the other day and all was revealed. I know she lives life 1st, works 2nd and holidays lots. But she now admits that on top of all that she's become lazy, takes a few regular 'overnights' and regularly can't be bothered to work during the day.
My hour punt was as good as it always has been. Alas her reliability, increasing waistline and the fact she's going to 'pack-up' and go live with family next year......drives me to find a new £100 girl.

naughty sarah

Been visiting Sarah as a 2nd option for the last two years. Her reviews on here are correct, her service is very frustrating at times (though has improved). No kissing is a real bummer, £100 an hour, does owo, cowgirls,  moans/breaths in my earole and gives massage......but would just sit and let you stroke and kiss her body for an hour if you let her.
Speaking too her at length I find her nice enough, but a particularly bitter and broken woman.
However I just can't stop seeing her as she's the fittest female I've ever clapped eyes on, never mind licked, sucked and fucked.
I need to wean myself off her.

Now I've sampled a few others and none have ticked the fun or fitness boxes of the above........i need help, who can replace them for a £100 hours punt, centre or east side of the city????

Sorry, fink I've buggered the aw links

6 review(s) found for  Bianka forever linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)
6 review(s) found for Naughty Sarah... linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Dodo

The AW links work OK for me.

Welcome, the easy answer to your question is read the reviews which contains mostly B'ham based girls with many in the price bracket you are looking for.
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Offline poe

Thanks Dodo,
I have been looking on here for that very thing.......unfortunately the 5/6 girls recommended on here are over the ton mark and the wrong side of the City.

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