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Author Topic: Daisy. ..Heart tantra  (Read 985 times)

Offline dancer44

This would be a new one for me
 Just moved to the area and this lass advertises on AW but no feedback. Seems a"genuine" tantra practitioner but I wondered if anyone has seen her???

Offline Roth

This would be a new one for me
 Just moved to the area and this lass advertises on AW but no feedback. Seems a"genuine" tantra practitioner but I wondered if anyone has seen her???

Link please? :unknown:

Offline dancer44

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I recognise this profile - has definitely been on and off AW before under a different guise.
Tantric massage or pricey wank?  Who's to say!

Offline dancer44

Not sure if there is much difference between a pricey wank and a tantric massage! Just that there doesn't seem to be a great deal if choice in the Torbay area and I thought it might be worth a punt if anyone here had a positive comment about her.

Yes she's certainly been on and off AW over the years. Emphasis is definitely on tantric massage, with a happy ending by the sounds of it. I thought she was based in Totnes, but not 100% sure. Her website has recently been redesigned and looks much more professional. www.sensualfocus.com

Offline Andyply

This is the lady who wants £30 deposit as she books a venue, she stays clothed, I think there's a review somewhere  :unknown:

Offline kjs76

Saw her recently, based on the massage / happy ending aspect rather than as a punt.

Fairly lacklustre massage, neither erotic nor particularly massaging with oily 'Happy ending' which she couldn't finish herself as she 'was tired'! Shocked when she asked me to complete the task myself!  Utter no touching rule and didn't seem overtly interested in what I liked. No eye contact and no enthusiasm.  Seemed eager to get me in & out.

TBH a very pricey wank, with typically WG type massage thrown in - At least when an 'escort' rubs you down they are trying to make it erotic!

Would I return?  doubt it. Shame really as she seemed like a nice girl and had a great pair - £20 extra to see them - no touching remember!?

Offline Leveve

Looks a lot like Crystal Sky Tantra I saw last year when not punting due to health issues - so I thought I'd just lie back and get wanked off nicely. Same deposit, price structure and general location, a bit hard to be 100% sure from the photo vs. my memory of her face but I think the same (young looking for her age).


If so, myself I can't exactly knock the service (at least in that it was as advertised) so much as say it's just not really my thing.
Very pleasant sensual massage but I also found the lack of my touching her sterile and unerotic. The handjob felt like a training exercise. When I alluded to this a bit she said that 'to rely too much on another person for sexual stimulation was to give ones power away'  :rolleyes:.

I can sort of imagine it appealing to more genteel types who want to 'explore eroticism' but havn't got the inclination (or balls) to just go and get a hot, raunchy fuck of a fit, game twenty something year old tart.

horses for courses  :unknown:

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Offline dancer44

Seems I need to look elsewhere! So if there are any recommendations for the Torbay area I would be grateful.

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