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Offline Proteus

https://www.adultwork.com/3370541 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%2DNinna

This review is based on two historic punts (within last year) with Ninna, who confirmed via text only recently she used to be known as 'busty natali'. Unsure if someone else is using the Natali profile currently. The review will not be about a specific punt just an amalgamation of my two experiences.

Venue: modern city centre appartment off Broad Street. Bit confusing finding the right building once you're through the first door entry system. 6/10

Services offered/VFM: At £90 an hour I maintain this is great VFM. I received DFK, OWO (before I got paranoid and started insisting on OW), RO, penetration and cum on tits. 9/10

The girl: Ninna is really lovely but a bit older (mid to late 30s?), big natural boobs and an ok face. Skin wasn't great and a little bit of a belly but as a boob man I do tend to overlook such things if the rack is sizable. Others may be more discerning.
Her personality is lovely. Both times she was friendly, sweet and very obliging. 7/10

THE PUNT: Both were above average punts which included really good passionate kissing and lots of oral and sex. OWO and cum in tits happened both times. All in all there are no nasty surprises lurking here. 8/10

Overall: Not a beautiful girl but makes up for it with VFM and attitude. Easy to book and comms were easy and direct. 7.5/10. Would be higher if she was Blond Samantha in the looks department!

EDIT: CIM is offered on profile. Really sorry all but can't remember if I was offered it or even if I did! Benefit of doubt to definitely go in Ninna's favour on this one! Sorry all but it's the problem with retrospective reviews!
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1 review(s) found for Busty-Ninna linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

she have described herself as a young girl in her profile in a few places.. how would that be..??

Because you met the older version of the 2 girls.. if you find out that the profile was on Hoilday a few days back & immediately back to working again..its cuz the other one still working..check out my previous posts, to find out the other girl. she probably readsmy posts aswell  :scare:

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