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Author Topic: SCAM WARNING  (Read 1390 times)

Here is a phone number. I received a text inviting me to have some fun with Marilyn in Whetstone, N London, claiming to be a single lady aged 26.
Here is what I found. All were dated this January. Beware.

Go to http://whocallsme.com/.
put in the phone number

<<got a test from this number yesterday asking if i wanted some no strings fun. Not a generic text as i replied asking how they got my number and they gave me a response answering me questions>>

<<Did it cost you more than your standard rate? I got the same MSG>>

<<I just got this text from someone called Naomi..... I replied but no response!!!! Kinda bad really, if my gf and i had a rocky relationship she would think i was playing about>>

<<Just got a text from this number about no strings fun apparently from a girl called kylie.. Found it abit weird as I'm a girl and don't know anyone called kylie. I replied and got no answer but doesn't chargé me. I can't text premium rates as I have a capped contract>>

<<I've just got the same message from 'someone' called 'Bella'. Same number
I haven't replied and needless to say I'm disappointed in more ways than one! :)??>>

<<I had the same today! Same message...
I replied and got a response...anyone have any further updates?>>

<< Im glad i diddnt reply. Could be a fishing scam... or whatever they call it, where they basically now KNOW your phone is live and there is someone there.
Maybe we need to stand by for plenty of insurance claim calls.?? If anyone does suddenly get an influx of crappy calls they could re post?
But i wonder where we all put our number to be on any list? What links us all........
Such a pity. I am sure "Pippa" was a minx... and i bet she was willing to travel too!

etc. etc. etc.

Offline Dani

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Whocallsme is a great site for finding out companies that like to ring or text with false bullshit  Calling or texting back normally costs silly amounts (check your bill if you texted back).  Any number That I do not know that does this I automatically go on whocallsme

The non-punting stuff I've learned since I joined this Board a fortnight or so ago!

Thank you all so much.

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