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Author Topic: Pranee - Edinburgh  (Read 1644 times)

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Fancied a massage with HR. As already noted, this service is very thin on the ground in Edinburgh at the moment so I took a gamble on Pranee, a Thai MILF. Pics not great on Adultwork but as I was looking for massage rather than a fuck, my thinking was that surely a mature experienced Thai would be able to provide a half decent massage.

Pranee is based in a flat on a well trodden whorehunter path near the Festival Theatre.  Flat is a shit hole with mattress on floor so don't expect the Hilton. I was suited and booted having come straight from work and Pranee who can't be far off 50 kept talking about how happy she was to have a young handsome guy in that depreciating manner you get from waiters in Thai restaurants. Anyway off with my clothes and I lay down expecting great things.

Massage was shit.

It was a half baked massage at best. Lying on my front, most of the focus was on my legs rather than my back. Then on two separate occasions Pranee started answering the phone to punters while continuing to massage me one handed. Not exactly a fine dining experience and I began thinking exit strategy.

Anyway, 15 mins into my 30 minute booking and I was finally asked to turn over. Pranee put a rubber on my cock, gave me a poor blowjob, some light kissing and then said she wanted me to fuck her. Now she doesn't list fucking on her services so I'm not sure if she provides this service to all her punters.

To be honest I didn't really fancy the whore, she's got a hairy pussy and being Thai and around 50, God knows how many cocks she's had in her time so I just asked her to finish me orally which she did. A few wet wipes later and I was on my way passing who I think was the next punter on my way down the staircase.
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2 review(s) found for pamela strong linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline kev34

Thanks for review. Was thinking about seeing her as like you say edinburgh rub and tug is dire. Thought she would be good at massage at least. Still usually some touring Thais with the lady boys coming up. Female obviously

Offline jam1en

Kinda the same scenario as me, being around half her age kept calling me toyboy etc, But to be fair i've had worst punts that i've paid more for and I/her must of enjoyed it as i booked for 30 mins and came out 80 mins later, Got some oral without also really wasn't that bad.

Offline embrame

Pictures not exactly enticing  :scare: and 50 i think is a Gentleman's compliment !

Drummond street then? ha!

Offline auldie63

2nd photo in her gallery scares the crap out of me. If that opened the door I'd be off like Mr. Bolt.

Offline ickydicky

Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

I've seen worse in my time, a lot worse as I'm quite partial to a bit of granny banging on the odd occasion but the state of her pussy put me off.

Offline J_H

Have a soft spot for Asians, I must admit. If you look at ALL her pics, she doesn't look to bad to me (a man in his 7th decade, though I don't usually go for MILF types). Jolly decent pair of norks (though I'm usually a small tit man), with nice big jubes-jubes on top by the looks of it.

I like a nice hairy bush on an Asian - could be a nostalgic thing!

A bigger concern for me was that she stuck a johnny on to suck, whereas her profile clearly states CIM, albeit at discretion - ditto DFK.

Offline auldie63

7th decade eh? We really must start a club.

A bigger concern for me was that she stuck a johnny on to suck, whereas her profile clearly states CIM, albeit at discretion - ditto DFK.

To be honest I was glad when she put rubber on. No chance I was asking for OWO. My guess is everything has a price. Same with DFK, I didn't want to go there.

She simply didn't do much for me.

Seen her in Aberdeen.  Thought about her but the price she was asking for a no mention of sex was a turn off.

Did notice she changed her profile a couple of times mabye due to poor AW feedback.

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