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Author Topic: Adultwork Tool  (Read 957 times)

Hi guys,

I am new to the site, but been reader for quite a while.

I have been working on something for myself so that I can checkout new girls coming on to adultwork, but not necessairy have it popping up on my phones history.

I have made quite a bit of progress with it, and have just started adding some tineye functionality to it.

Anyone interested in testing it for me?


Offline Steve2

sounds good. More info would be good

Welcome to UKP

Instructions for use:

Please bear in mind that this is work in progress, the steps to be carried out are somewhat unrefined but I will be working on it, but the for the moment seems to work ok.

1. If not registered with Adultwork, create an account, then login.

2. Perform a search.

3. When the search displays your results, you need to go to the bottom of the results. You will see an RSS icon, right click that and copy the link. Might want to put this in to notepad.

4. You now need to append the RSS link to the below link (after the '=' sign):

5. Your link should look something like this:

6. I now put the whole link from step 5 in to a url shortener, as its murder trying to type this in on your phone.

7. I am using Google Currents on my Android phone, but you can use any app that displays RSS feeds (Flipboard, etc on Android or IOS). Add a new feed using the shortened URL.

8. I have noticed that initially it takes a bit of time for content to be generated, but eventually you will get a page similar to this:

9. And now its a matter of just browsing through, the feed should automatically update (in Google Currents and Flipboard, not sure about other apps).

10. Clicking on an article will give you the basic blurb from the AW profile and if they have, any profile pictures. Been a bit busy, but in a few days time, there should an option to 'tineye' a profile picture. Will inform you all on here when I have done that, but it will be reflected in your new feeds automatically.

Let me know what you think of it, if it is actually of any use to you guys or any improvements that I can make.

Happy hunting!
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Offline Stiltskin

Very nice! This tool reminds me something I wrote years ago, it was a tool to scrape the latest auto-censored field reports so that I could read them on my phone on the train home.

I've never noticed that RSS button before. That explains why there are so many escort directories full of scraped AW profiles.

5) Just for clarity, I'd break this step down into 2 parts, because you have to append your Pipes ID after the RSS URL.

10) Is it possible to integrate with Google image search? I've given up on Tinyeye now, as it throws up far too many false negatives.

Thanks Stiltskin.....

Edit to my previous post:

4a. You now need to append the RSS link to the below link (after the '=' sign):

4b. You should now have a url that looks like:

Paste this additional part to the end:

4c.  should have a fully completed url looking like:

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