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Author Topic: Does anyone know if Claudia De Lena (Mrs Harrington) is escorting?  (Read 1222 times)

She had her own 'series' a while back and also came in a few videos under the name Mrs Harrington. I read a thread from here a while ago someone saying they had a session with her - Is she still in work?

Offline carefree

Always found her to be as sexy as fuck, especially the stuff she did with Lady Sonia :thumbsup:
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She worked in the Cambridge area probably 10 years or so ago from an ad in the daily sport. After seeing her the first time I came away thinking that I recognised her from somewhere the next time I logged on to lady Sonia's site the penny dropped.

Offline Rock123

No she left the escorting and porn business in 2008 after someone 'outed' her to her daughter.

I saw her 2 times and of all the escorts I have seen she still ranks in my top 3.
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I saw her in at least four venues around Cambridge-an anal duo stuck in my mind. Rock is right-I rate her as one of the all time greats. If I recall right her husband was a porno cameraman. Happy days.

That isn't surprising to me at all (The great experience part) - It's a shame she's not in the business anymore though, but oh well.

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