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Author Topic: Chocolatebarbie69 - Edinburgh - On tour  (Read 1318 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3100853 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chocolatebarbie69

So, I'm in a strange city (for dramatic effect, I know the centre pretty well) and I've got an incurable case of the horn. A wank won't cut the mustard, I need a proper good sucking and fucking.

Check into the hotel, fire up the wifi and perform a search of ladies in Edinburgh available today. Not much choice, especially when I've read up on the reviews posted here. Gives me little option. So I widen my search to include ladies in Edinburgh. Bang off some emails and Barbie answers quickly and with responses to my questions......too many girls just reply with generic responses. Barbie has actually read what I've written. A good start.

Barbie says she can do a GFE with OWO and French kissing and she is happy to do a gagging deep throat blow job. We ping a couple of messages backwards and forwards. She gets a booking, I get her number and address.

Barbie is only in the city one more evening, she heads off home tomorrow, so my timing was spot on. Impressed that she can do a short notice appointment. I jump in the shower, wash the little Commander Buttons, ready for manoeuvres and head out into the city to find a cash machine.

Fuck me Edinburgh, I know the stereotype says you Scotts are all tight, but how many cash machines in this city levy a charge for getting at my hard earned?  :lol:

After 20 mins walking I find one that will just give me my money, without charging for the pleasure, and withdraw the £130 Barbie is going to want in return for swallowing and riding my cock.

I head over to Barbie's rented flat. She's on tour so little point in going into too much detail, but it was fine, clean, easy to get in and out of and not too far from the King's Theatre.

Barbie's comms were excellent both on AW and via text when I arrived. Buzzed into the flat, knocked on the door and was greated by a tall and curvy girl with a great smile. Barbie doesn't have face pictures on her profile, but she is good looking. The pictures she does have are accurate.

She has largish natural boobs, a great bum, long slightly wavy hair and was very well presented in nice make up, short white dress, black hold ups and heels. No knickers, very trimmed and shaved pussy. Fresh breath and smelt nice. Age wise I would agree with the age on her profile, as far as I can tell these things anyway.

Confirmed the services and for an hour, handed over the cash and shown into the bedroom. Barbie offered me a shower both before and after, but I declined having had a shower before at my hotel.

Barbie returned to the room and was snogging my face off in 5 seconds, 2 mins later she is out of her dress (at my bequest) and sucking my now massively stiff cock. She didn't ask, she just went for it, which is my preference. I love it when a girl pulls my cock out and goes down on it. That first wet suck......mmmmmmmmmm

Within 5 mins Barbie has my 9 inches right down her throat and I'm looking down at this attractive young woman with her lips sliding all the way down to my balls whilst her throat contracts around my bell end and I can feel the sap starting to bubble. Now Barbie doesn't do CIM and I prefer to cum in a ladies pussy (in a condom you animals!  :D), it's that primeval deep rooted desire to spread the wild seed of the Button dynasty and I'm in grave danger of spunking before I've got my jeans off. So I say something like "I need to get as naked as you are", Barbie pulls back and my inflated cock pops out of her mouth.....I swear I hear a pop, but who fucking knows.

I take a min to sit down and undo my laces, and remove the remainder of my clothes. I lie down next to Barbie on the bed and fuck me, she on my cock again licking, sucking, plenty of spit and as I start to drive my cock up to meet he lips moving down, she starts the deep throat again.....gagging and contracting around my very stiff cock.

This goes one for a good ten mins and I can start to feel the juices bubbling again, so I ask Barbie to slow down. Which she does with a laugh, and turns her attention to licking my bollox. By this point I'm thinking fuck me, I've hit the jack pot here.......having had a pretty disastrous punt recently (see my review of Brook, time wasting waste of fucking time she was).

Before I know it, Barbie is back on sausage smoking duty and my cock is deep in her throat. This chick loves to suck cock, and all the time I'm playing with her boobs and stroking her body. I'm as happy as an experimental lab monkey who has just been told that the smoking ban in the work place doesn't apply to him..... :yahoo:

About now I start to think I need to sample this ladies pussy, so on with a condom and Barbie jumps on top. Fuck me, I'm a largish boy in the trouser department, but she is properly tight and the heat coming through the condom onto my bell end is lovely. It takes a short while to get properly balls deep, Barbie's pussy is wet but did I mention she is tight......well she is fucking tight guys. All the time she is making eye contact, making little grunting moaning noises and pulling some very sexy faces. I like to think this is genuine, but either way it was a very sexy experience.

Barbie rode me for a good few mins, at varying speeds and depths, whilst alternating between snogging my face off and moaning.....as I say, sexy as fuck......right up until I let the inevitable happen and let fly inside her (I said in the condom you animals  :lol:).

A shortish break followed, where we cuddled on the bed, before Barbie instigated round two which involved more French kissing, Barbie with a toy on her clit, me playing with her nipples and pussy whilst she wanked my cock, right up to Barbie having a shuddering orgasm.

Once Barbie recovered she was on my cock again sucking, licking and gagging. I just lay back until I was ready to pop, at which Barbie wanked my spit covered cock to an eruption of volcanic intensity whilst I screamed the flat down.....sorry to Barbie's neighbours, but I was being deep throated by a very sexy black woman, so fuck you....... :hi:

Another cuddle and I noticed the hour was up. Barbie seemed surprised the time was over. Barbie  isn't a clock watcher. I got dressed, a final snog and Barbie showed me out still naked and with just fucked hair.

From my point of view a great punt (I was due one). Two firsts for me, a proper deep throat gagging blow job (no excuses that your cock is too large Mr Buttons) and first time with a black girl.

If she comes back to Edinburgh, go see her  :hi:
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5 review(s) found for Chocolatebarbie69 linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mavgoose

That. Sounds. Fckn. Amazing.

A true contender to Skye Dupree. I love a coloured woman. Hope she comes to Glasgow.

Offline Buttons

That. Sounds. Fckn. Amazing.

A true contender to Skye Dupree. I love a coloured woman. Hope she comes to Glasgow.

Apparently she was in Glasgow, but came over to Edinburgh because she got more calls from there.

Offline mavgoose

Apparently she was in Glasgow, but came over to Edinburgh because she got more calls from there.

Hope she comes back.

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