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Author Topic: Cryptic Crossword Solver Needed  (Read 464 times)

Offline yumyum3


Romanian, I suspect. For those genuinely interested in anal, don't hold your breath:

Q. you do anal and is included in the price?    A. Yes I do and it included only a half hour extra not 20
Q. dependent measure for anal    A. yes depends as much if not do


Offline Joe Blob

You really need to brush up on your Rumanian, it's obvious what she means'

Offline Melb

You don't need to speak Romanian.
It's prossielang - meaning "I will rip you off".

Tony Montana

Offline Ali Katt

"Breast size no. 3"  WTF?
In europe I think they do have some weird measurements, it's not a mistake on her profile. I'm not sure, but according to a guide size 3 = 34C, she looks closer to an A cup to me.

Offline tda666

Yep, In EE the girl's breast size is always measured in numbers usually 1 - 6, although in my experience they are just as economical with the truth as our girlies over here but yes a breast nr. 3 is about 34c.

This is a great site I have used a few times in EE http://www.sex.cz/?Loc=lsf&Rnd=1291794561&Lng=2&Sex=F&STyp=4 it will give you an example of sizes. And if you like EE girls it will make you book a trip to Prague !

I did also spot on Jennifer-Sweets profile that half an hour is £60 and an hour is £90 yet an hour and a half is £170 ??? Does that mean if you book the sessions separately you save £20 ?!

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