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Author Topic: Nikki888  (Read 1057 times)

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1st review here goes, looking round on aw for my 1st ever punt, talk about kid in a sweet shop. I must have looked every day for a weeks picking and picking again. I decided to look for a little more mature wg for first time I knew I would be nervous about the meet , as soon as I saw nikki on her profile I was locked on.
I made contact via aw and a quick response back and there was a little set back she was on holiday from the next day for a week, in no real rush I disided to keep my hands in my pockets and hang on. Week later made contract and arranged a 45min meet at £100. As luck would have it nick Nikki's place was on way to my at the time " community payback" haha, due to me having to be there for 9am I asked nikki for an 8am meet this was no problem all looking good for my 1st time.

Saturday comes ,I have post code all set nikki tells me post code takes me to local Morrisons where I could and did park. Sorry forgot to say nikki is based in Oulton just out side Leeds. I get parked up and phone her, she answers with an unexpected sexy soft but southern voice , she gives me easy directions to her new build home about a 2 min walk from the car, there like new build terraced if that makes sense I got to front door and did'nt notice any one looking most likly still in bed. Knocks on the door and it's open in a flash , pics on her profile are stop on if anything I'd say she's better looking in the flesh, She was wearing a short black dress , black suspenders  :D and black high heels  :D both fav's of mine she was just the fuck I wanted at that time like she invited me in and give me and nice couple of what I'd say was welcome kisses just right for the time as I did tell her I would be nervous. She told me to follow her upstairs, taking my shoes off 1st I notice where I was taking mine off was some shoes that was definitely bigger than mine and am a fucking 11 ... Hope today is'nt the day he disides he's had enough of is old lady been slammed  :crazy:
Get up stairs and led into like a living room from what I recall, get the paper work sorted and offered a drink nice cold Coke get some sugar in my Sytem I thought . Nikki i take it told me she would be back in a min I take it to stach the cash, she returns and asks me to join her to the bed room . Shit has just got real ! .
Walk in to a small but very clean and homely she was some music playing moby as I will never forget haha . As I shut the door behind me nickki is stood with a big cheeky grin on her face as to say lets go , I felt at ease with her all the time and it was nice that she seem to take on board me been nervous and things started slow just how I like to start , we starting kissing boom am in !!!   :cool: 1st timer I was buzzing , not dfk but nice slow , love dfk as well but never mind after a min when my confidence starting rising a was in for the arse test , fuck me no knickers and a lovely soft arse , she's a little smaller than me after she took her heels off and a could just feel her pussy with the end of my finger. She unzips my fly and starts wanking me off slow , getting harder by the second now , few more mins of kissing and groping and she's down on my cock little spit first what turned me on more  sucking me off slow for a min and I ask to move on the bed like a blow job on my back me not really stood up , on the bed she gets in between my legs and spits again to start the blow job back off plenty of eye contact if you like that , I like to see top of a woman's head me but that's me. I knew I would'nt last 2 long at this rate so asked Nikki to swap over and my turn , legs wrapped round my back and the feel of them suspends on my shoulders and back was heaven to me and her pussy was a little pot of honey this was going to be a good day . Nice tight little shaven pussy . I put in a 10 min stint on the fury axe wound the stray finger on 2 was teased in, on with the rubber and love seening an arse up in the air I asked nikki to bend over she did do and burrowed her head down onto the bed . As soon as I had him in and out a few times I knew it was gunna be game over very soon . Fucked her arse up for a few more mins and my back tire's were empty . Might not sound the best of punts and I can understand that was abit plain Jane prob down to my inexperience and confidance going into it but It was just what I wanted on my 1st time and well worth it to me. Nikki told me to lay back and relax while she cleaned my cock and balls with some baby wipes for me ... Nice touch I thought haha . I asked her the time as in the moment I'd lost any track she told me it was 8.30am and offered me if I wanted just to call it 30 min booking and she would give me £25 back I was taken back but accepted with gratitude as I still had a little drive to pay my debt to society we chatted a few more mins while I got dressed and she showed me out with a nice kiss goodbye, off I went with a nice spring in my stride .

All round good punt I'd say , I did sort out to see her the following week but that did'nt work out no1s fault . Defo return after Iv got though my list haha.


1 review(s) found for nikki888 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Excellent review and a nice start to your punting career! :drinks:

Offline p3ngu1n

Cheers for a fantastic entrance review JD. Are her aw pics reliably representative of her current looks, would you say?

She's in my filthy MILF To-Podge hotlist, together with that classyminx. By sounds of it, she's definitely worth a squirt  :drinks:

She's better in the flesh opposed to her pics, my punt was 2 years ago mind, but from what I saw she looks after her self got a touch of class imo mate , I bet she can go like a rabbit as well but that was'nt my taste on this one.
Nice choice on your your part too with the other mature lady


Offline Tallboy2

Good review John and worth reading. As a new member, you introduce yourself on another thread and then write a review like this. It comes accross as genuine and therefore is of great use to other forum members to help them decide if the above girl is for them. We get too many newbies that dive straight in with a very positive or very negative review as their first ever post- useless.

like I said in my intro am new as a member but have been reading posts on here as a guest for a while so I know where your coming from on the new member front. If there is any part of the punt I missed out that I should be reporting just let me, my reviews should only improve with experience.


Online mrfishyfoo

Great review fella. :drinks:

Keep em cumming.  :D :D

Offline thrck20

Good review fella. And welcome to Punting. Not a cheap hobby this.

Thanks , i did start a short punting career a couple of years ago but it fizzled out , just selecting my comeback punt  :D


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