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Author Topic: Too good to be true in Swindon?  (Read 2804 times)

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Excuse me 'English', I am more than lovely thank you, however I am no mug or idiot and won't be lied about especially without reason. I hugely question your scale of 'loveliness'... How 
much free time do you have to be commenting on every escorts review with pointless comments, Begging for attention maybe?  :scare:
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Banning reason: Bad attitude

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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 :rolleyes: :cry:

oh please another "elite" escort with a wishlist looking for a £600 pair of shoes and a sugardaddy at 4k a week

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Online Cunning Punt

So putting it straight several weeks after the review for the clients who apparently aren't bothered? I'm not sure how the choice of language "intimates" me.: :D

I am not putting this straight for you lol, how hilarious, I'm doing so for my clients and my Buisness, which has already worked as I've received more than  a few emails from ?? putting this straight. I will not have lies be said about me and that is what I'm doing- not allowing it!

However, thank you for the humour- Your child-like comments go to show why some men have to pay for it! Also, apologises that my punctuation and choice of language intimidate you, I have quite a collection of qualifications. Take care xxx :coolgirl:


Nice hole, you've dug for yourself, dear.  :lol:

And tough shit, genuine reviews of escorts are allowed; bad attitude by silly girls is not. Hence why you and your mate were banned.
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how many offer has she had for someone to be her sugar daddy 4 weeks ?
Banning reason: Reported for stalking prossie by PM

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