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Author Topic: bath babes  (Read 883 times)

Ive decided that im gonna book one of these girls but cant decide wh, i think its between annie, bexs or lexi, these girls seem highly regarded on here, so who do you think would be best?

Offline haystacks79

You may get more responses in the bath babes thread in the positive reviews, but I've seen all 3 and would happily see any of them again - but of those my personal favourite is Bexs, having seen her a number of times, and the other 2 just the once - but I know that they all have their followers on here!

It depends a bit on what you're looking for, as they are a bit different in look, size, style and the services they offer.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking for?

Offline Alex396

So glad to see Bath Babes back on AW site. Have not had the pleasure yet but have one or two in my Hot List and am looking forward to the day I decide to. Can't wait.

Offline SteveNova

I've seen all three as well, and can strongly recommend them.  As Haystacks says it depends what you're looking for.  Have a look at the Bath Babes and AW profiles - they are all accurate, and all have good feedback.

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