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Author Topic: English_Melody Southampton  (Read 1112 times)

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Offline vp40aa


Met with Melodey yesterday for a one hour incall, paid £150.

Short version - I'm still in shock.  About the best hour of no-holes-barred fucking, playing, tasting, touching and boundary pushing (mine - I suspect I was nowhere near hers) that I have experienced.

Longer version. Melodey met me ouside her very nice apartment in Southampton, gave me a cheeky smile then  snogged me like a long absent lover and escorted me in. Money exchanged,  quick shower before the fun then Boom. Having a pretty Martine McCutchion look-alike once again snog your face off, get quickly naked and fill herself with a dildo whilst taking some deep anal play is one the many highlights. As per her profile, she has piercings and "edgey" tattoos but they were very well done and, although not my thing, they were not a problem for me. Yes, she has had kids so the odd stretch mark but the rest of her is stunning. Pretty, very confident, chatty, a very naughty twinkle in her eye and absolute filth. Highly recommended. vp.

5 review(s) found for English_Melodey linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Davede

Great find she's on my hotlist

Offline WhattheFlip

Glad to hear she's still at a high standard. Was at Candy Kiss. Which now sounds fairly bad, unless you're lucky.

I do agree about the having had kids being a negative-from my memory, the stomach was not a pretty sight really, more than just a couple of stretch marks imo. Does sort of mess with the naughty young girl fantasy a bit.  Still, as you say, rest of her was pretty tidy!

Interesting you mention boundaries, If you see the vids from the parties on her profile, it looks like she has gone through some serious s&m! Like, her arse, and tits too i think, look on the verge of bleeding from the strikes! Serious marking. With that, and the anal she takes hard, fast and deep, if you're into rough stuff, I'm sure she could satisfy. Seemed very open minded and fun.

One girl who makes herself sound like a right dirty sort on her profile who shouldn't disappoint at meeting, makes a change huh?

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