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Author Topic: Siennasummer1986  (Read 522 times)

Offline Spunky34


I would be interested to know whether anyone has met Sienna - very limited AW feedback but says she is 'back by popular demand' (inevitably) - so perhaps someone has met her under a previous name?.  She has bid on an RB of mine, looks promising, just looking for a bit more info if possible.  Thank you.

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Not a face I recognise, from my 10 years in this hobby looking for SP's in Notts. So I wonder where she was before she went and came back again..... :lol:

Could be an ex agency girl.

Sorry, not much help.

Offline Spunky34

I'm pretty sure this is her

Thanks j122 - I must admit I don't see all that much resemblance, but I only have the AW pics to go on, where the hair is totally different and the eyebrows appear to have been painted on with a trowel.  Thank you for the pointer.

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