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Author Topic: Another sad case of EAS.  (Read 1573 times)

Offline Roth


Silly lad.  Meets prossie, pays for sex, develops EAS, proposes a few days later. She uses his money to pay for her mates parties.  They break up, she demands more money, he refuses, she goes to court accusing him of rough sex and making her drink piss etc etc :( :(

Was always going to end in tears.  :dash: :bomb:

Online Anadin

I kinda understand liking a hooker and can even understand paying for her to be around full time but it's the forgetting the nature of the relationship and proposing that gets me.

If I had that kinda money I'd protect it by never considering getting married. Plus probably don't mess with hookers if you have a reputation to protect.
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I read about this one a couple of weeks ago, and I've been scratching my head ever since. I'm guessing that most people here haven't heard of him, but his profile in Germany (one of the world's largest music markets) is huge. He's done high profile ads for Thomas Szabo, the jeweller, and I seem to remember that he's got his own line of fragrances, like Beckham.  Quite how he got himself into this mess, when all he's got to do for female attention is click his fingers, is beyond me. Just goes to show that anyone can make a complete fool of himself.

A guy falls in love with a money grabbing whore and is suprised when she acts like a money grabbing whore

I don't get it

Online Tierney

Will now be known at the Wayne Rooney of classical music.

Offline Paulday

Her porn name is Kendal Karson if your looking for vids of her....

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