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Author Topic: Cambrian Place, SA1  (Read 1165 times)

Offline Swansea lad

The chinese place, is it still open?

Offline crash

Went there tonight, great woman there atm, there for this week, probably the best punt ive had in Swansea to be fair. (Since the last time i visted)

Would write a review but I didnt really 'perform' so doesn't seem a fair assessment.

Surprised I don't see more about this place on here tbh

Offline Nipper2

What was the woman like? And what services do they offer? Like you, I haven't been there for years..... But every now and then, they have a real beaut there  :yahoo:

Waste of time these days. Rough girls.
Smells like a restaurant. Girls don't wash between appointments

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