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Author Topic: Whitechapel Outfit  (Read 797 times)

Offline aae

Scouring through gumtree, I discovered an outfit that operates out of Whitechapel. The Girls are advertised as 'independent' on Gumtree but I have a tenner that says they are not. All their their 'independent' websites are on the same cheap/free website, they wear similar outfits, and the photos appear to have been taken in the same room.

The girls look pretty and reverse image search on google suggests that they are genuine.

I haven't contacted them, thanks to the good old Samsung punting phone finally dying on me. Need to buy a new phone but just haven't had the time or opportunity to do it.

Has anyone got any info on the girls? Can someone TOFTT and report?





Seen the ad on gumtree and wondering if genuine. Have you tried it out?


 So is this a full service or just massage

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