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Author Topic: Kellie: Manyana Massage Parlour, Selly Oak  (Read 1246 times)

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Offline Westney

Decided to try Manyana today, after the mini-heatwave it was my last opportunity to sample one of the oldest establishments in Birmingham, for a while before moving from the City for a few months. I was checking the website every day this week, as the Twitter deed will indicate who is available on the day. The last time I visited was on a Wednesday when I met with Chloe, whose photograph and description was accurate at the time of visiting, a few years back. The intention this time was to try and see ‘Kellie’, given that the description of her involved fantasy/role-play, and I have to confess to having an inclination towards the more ‘petite’ lady.

I always seem to require a bit of Dutch Courage, and also had a bit of a hangover from the night before, (oddly it makes me more Randy and up for it). I made a note of the opening times, (10.00am), and timed my drive into Selly Oak for around 10.20am.I decided to use the car-park in the large supermarket nearby, there’s a cash-point and the intention was to leave all of my valuables, (phone, wallet) in the car for safe-keeping. Unconfirmed reports suggested that the car-park close to Manyana had some dodgy characters around, so didn’t want to take any chances. I walked across the road towards the parlour, and made haste to the back entrance where I pressed the intercom. A sweet accommodating voice answered: ‘Sorry love there are no Ladies here at the moment could you come back in 30 minutes?’ I answered ‘Yes’, although the message threw me a little, as I didn’t know what to do in the interim half hour. I decided to head back to the supermarket and grab a coffee in the cafe. If they advertise for a 10.00am opening, the girls should be ready for then, I was in two minds whether to carry on with it. However my erotic imagination was fuelled by some nice ‘Summer’ sights, in the supermarket and on the streets, so with the cash burning a hole decided to actually drive back there and pay a nominal fee for a couple of hours.

When I returned to Manyana a chap came out of the premises next door with some refuse, and clearly clocked my intention. This time, another voice answered and ushered me in through the iron gates, and along a badly fitted laminate floor. (Funny how the act of carrying out a salacious deed focuses you, the little things that you find and observe). The voice continued…’through here Darling, up her my love…’etc. It’s like a maze isn’t it? She said. This was Abbie, presume short for Abigail, a rather large, but well proportioned lady, with an English accent, although perhaps signs of mixed-race parentage. She was apologetic, stating that they were ‘short-staffed’, and that she, (Abbie) was available and ‘Kerry’. ‘Kerry’, I said, on the website it says ‘Kellie’, ‘Oh no,’ she replied, ‘petite, blonde?’, It transpired that the website was wrong, so Kellie, is in fact ‘Kerry’.

Anyway Abbie said that Kerry was with a ‘Gentleman’ and would be with me in ten to fifteen minutes. I waited in one one of the rooms, in need of some TLC, and with a back window looking out on to the car park. At least I could keep and eye on the car! The room had a purple theme, so I sat on a foot stool at the bottom of the bed. I noticed a TV and DVD player, but also a box beneath the bed, possibly containing accoutrements and paraphernalia from sex shops. I also caught sight of rolled up nylon stocking, that seemed to be soiled for some unbeknown reason.

However, the key moment in this seemingly long wait, was the fact that I could actually hear Kerry giving her Gentleman a damn good thwacking, culminating it what seemed like a fucking, as I could hear the bed banging away and plenty of familiar groans and moans from both parties. As they wound up, it seemed that I got to know this ‘chap’ quite well, and he did seem to be a ‘regular’ of Kerry’s, as I later found out. I pulled the door shut, so that when he had finished his shower and walked down the corridor our eyes wouldn’t meet. Kerry popped in to re-assure me, wearing a skimpy top and a pair of black knickers. Once the previous ‘punt’ was gone, she popped in again and escorted me to the room that she seems to prefer, owing to it being slightly ‘equipped’ for a spot of mild S&M. Have to say that the description of her on the website is accurate, she’s lovely, extremely friendly, down to earth and a ‘local’ West Midlands girl. “What can I do for you?’, she said, and I looked at the equipment, and declined anything ‘strenuous’, although I’m sure she’d be up for it, judging by the noises being made by her previous client. I told her that I was a voyeur, liked to watch, and engage in some mutual masturbation. She was ok with that, asked me for £20.00, (for the room), and that the total cost would be £65.00. She asked whether I wanted a DVD on, to get naked and lie on the bed, whilst she popped out again, for a well deserved break. The break also gave me time to survey the room, it was facing front I could hear the traffic and buses on Oak Tree Lane. There was a large mirror on the left-hand wall, it seemed to have been sprayed with some mysterious fluid that resembled sperm…but then I had a naughty though about Kerry being able to ‘squirt’.

When she returned she was dressed in some new undies, a bra and knickers. She then proceeded to go through a very nice teasing strip, talking dirty all the while as she ‘unleashed’ her small ‘titties’, topped with two perfectly ripe pink nips. She stood at first, by the side of the bed, and facing away, stuck out her pert arse, and slid out of her panties, so that I could see her vagina and anus. She did not resist my little peck on her arse cheek, then she returned the compliment, and gave my nipples a nice licking and sucking, (For a man, I have to say that my nipples are highly sensitive to the touch…and Kerry seemed to sense this). She stood above me, parted her lovely buttocks, and exposed the inside of her vagina, inviting me to lick her most intimate parts. Then, to my surprise she produced a pink vibrator and used it before my eyes, sliding in and out. She made all the right noises, and we climaxed simultaneously, me with my thumb thrusting deep inside her whilst Kerry gave me a hand-job until ejaculated over myself.

In short, for once I would highly recommend Kerry, (billed as ‘Kellie’ on the website), she is lively, bubbly, infinitely friendly and very accommodating to your needs. As mentioned before, the slight downside was the waiting, perhaps Manyana should revise the opening times. However, Abbie did ask whether I had booked, so if there is a specific lady that you would wish to see, best to ring first and make a booking. My GP asked me the other week, whether I exercised my ‘prostate’, so thanks again Kerry, do hope to meet you again soon.

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