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    Author Topic: Sheffield's lack of quality  (Read 7070 times)

    Offline NIK

    Is it even still open?

    To tell you the truth I have that little interest in punting these days, and particularly punting in Sheff I have no idea.

    Once upon a time I would be checking every few days to see what was what.  :cry:

    Offline Ali Katt

    TBH Kittens (if it's still open) and Fantasia would be fairly low down my list of parlours to visit, so much so that I haven't visited either.

    Offline MissCaraMay

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    Sheffield does seem to be lacking quite a bit, I'm from there originally so I do tend to have a look at the girls working there and compared to the other areas of Yorkshire it does lack any decent girls. It is a shame as there is plenty of demand in Sheffield.

    It seems that there is a definite lack in the younger talent there especially (19-25).

    I think it's about time that a decent agency opened up there to :)

    Cara x

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