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Author Topic: SEXY_JENNIFERXXX (Coventry)  (Read 1417 times)

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Offline andy_nine


I saw someone mention this girl was worth a look so after finding out she was pretty close and available I thought I'd give it ago.

Plus points.
Very polite and friendly
Good English (she's from Hungary)
I really liked her figure, we got undressed at the same time and I involuntarily stopped with my jeans round my ankles when she got down to bra & undies. Had to mentally slap myself when I realised I was staring.

So why the negative review
I didn't feel particularly discreet. She lives above a shop and I had to go round the back past a group of guys who were hanging around near to where I had to go in and they may or may not have known what was going on upstairs. They may have had nothing to do with it but it didn't make me feel all that safe.

The entrance wasn't hugely inviting either (that's putting it mildly - it looked like a shit hole) but it's not the first place I've been to like this so I put it out of my head. Once inside it was ok enough and she was the only person there (which I was a little worried about as i thought I heard voices when we spoke on the phone)
She told me she's moving into the city soon. Hopefully it'll be somewhere nicer!

Ultimately it was the sex that disappointing.
Covered oral (after having read the OWO thread on here I was fine with that) and it was ok but not exactly ground-shaking.
I'm really into eating pussy so got to that soon after, i was enjoying myself but it soon become apparent she was going through the motions. She didn't move or make a single noise.
The actual sex was basically the same. Couple of positions and she couldn't have looked more bored. In fact other than putting on the condom I don't think she actually touched me the entire time I was there.
At one point when I tried to change position she jumped up and left the room..I shit myself - but turns out she'd forgotten to lock the door. :scare:

Very much felt like just another one in a long line which was confirmed when she made her next booking while I was getting dressed.

I understand I'm paying a pretty girl money in agreement for me to put my cock in her for a specified amount of time but I enjoy it a more when they respond a little bit (even when it's pretend!)

Nice enough girl but I won't be going back.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)


Interesting because I've just recommended her in another thread but I saw her six months ago  when she first started and she was more enthusiastic than you describe. Everything you say about the place is true though, generally a shit hole above a shop but I found the bedroom clean and tidy when I was there. Also I went during a quiet time of the week and never encountered anyone on the walk round the back.
She is actually from Spain which her profile clearly states now so not sure why she changed it to Hungary.
Dont get me wrong, it was way short of the best sex I've ever had with an escort but the view made up for that. Sounds like she's getting more than a little jaded already.

Offline andy_nine

Only just spotted this reply

She told me she was from Hungary, I didn't notice it on the profile when I first looked as you'd said she was from Spain.

Jaded is the word alright....


No reflection on Andy_nine hopefully.  :lol:

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