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Author Topic: Barbara - Latina - Tooting  (Read 1522 times)

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Only went to see this girl on the back of another review and lack of there being anything good to put with for a local midweek punt. Otherwise in general Latinas aren't quite the ones anymore when it comes to getting a good solid punt.

Location: Tooting, near the lidls we should all know by now where it is.

Comms: various maids etc (the maid that let me in was nice a thick, I was praying to god she was going to be a girl in the lineup), call, text, call

Girl: It was mentioned she resembles rouse in another review thus my visit, Its true theres a hint of rouse in barbra's looks. Pics are a vague idea of what she looks like....imagine them without all the skin smoothing and add 10years which imo makes her around the 41 to 44 mark.
Fake bolt on tits, fake ass but its really nice and soft and pliable I enjoyed it.
Friendly talkative attitude.

Services: owo, sex

Started with her trying to march me off to the bathroom to wash my cock, which I politely refused coupled with telling her I showered before I came.

OWO was very good, gently playing with my balls and rubbing her fingers down to my ass hole area, nice and thorough sucking but not quite as good as mentioned in a previous review, she tried to grab the rubber which was too soon so I pointed at my watch and said longer please, she happily agreed but said 'not to buss in her mouth'. After a couple more mins I told her to grab the rubber (basically letting her know who the boss was  :sarcastic:) she put it on and gave me abit more head, which was much better than her owo, very deep, faster head motions etc.

I thought to myself she must of been holding out on the owo BJ as I hadn't paid her the "esstraa" for cim lol

sex was good, didn't ask me to cum  or say any of the usual Latina jazz on this visit luckily, she just took a good drilling I showed no mercy, she's quite petite (in latina terms) so when it came to moving to a new position I just lifted her up off the bed and positioned her where she needed to be. (no complaints from her)

For those who DFK, I don't think she offers this service (unless of course you pay the extra) as I could see she was keeping a gap between us in missionary etc. however at the very end after the drilling and we had struck oil, she moved in and gave me a kiss. probably happy & relieved it was all over. haha

Paid 60 for 30mins + the essstra for owo

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https://www.adultwork.com/3784539 - updated url

Banged this one again this week, still a good fuck

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Another great latin girl
This Latina`s are hot like hell  :yahoo:
Banning reason: Touting pimp

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