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Author Topic: Candy Moore - Anyone?  (Read 1180 times)

Offline lovingfacials


Ticks all my boxes, research carried out, seems genuine, and I fancy an hour with a 3  hole girl..........phoned her seems genuine, but little f/b anyone 'dabbled'?

Offline zootalors

I`ve been thinking about seeing her as well

Offline pokenn

I haven't seen her, but plenty of FB and verified.
But I'd be surprised if she's the age she claims - looks 10 years older - that may not bother you.

Offline westbank

There is no way that age is accurate on the profile. However apart from that the rest of the profile appears valid. Good luck out there and send us back a report on the outcome.

I saw her last week and she was pretty decent to be honest.

It was a very safe, clean, modern apartment  not far from the Hippodrome. She has a bit of a tummy so may be more size 12 rather than 10, notice all her photos are have a covered midriff.

However, the service she offered was spot on, very good OWO and sex in various positions. She has a great pair of tits. Also, when I saw her she had a special offer on and half an hour only cost £50!!

Having seen her close up I would say her age is about right on her profile, certainly not 10 years out

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