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Author Topic: Maria doll of you dreams (Vivastreet)  (Read 807 times)

Hi guys,

Pretty girl that's been Viva street for some time, looks to good to be true though!  I have made contact with her and comms were easy, she said she is now blonde and no longer has her nipple stud. 

If anyone has seen her, would be great to see some feedback, if she turned out genuine and a good punt it would have me and many more of our punting mates on here visiting her.



Online Corus Boy

You're correct Husky, she does look good;

English/Spanish = Romanian?

I'll call later and see if she's behind the green door! :D

Cheers mate, yes she does look good.

I like the recent review on Kylie CC and also Ameria looks good so working out who I can visit, but also like this lady if she is genuine and good I will be visiting.  She messaged me to say she has natural breasts which are 32 c. 

Fingers crossed she is the one behind the green door and delivers a great punt.  Good luck mate.

Offline HughJardon

Ledley used that number and met Blonde Sabrina (@Abygales) check the back end of Knight Riders thread  :cool:


I dont think anyone has actually met the gal advertised, she looks effing hot



I almost gave her a call last night but decided to opt for sweet rebeka instead.

Sexy enough girl but far too much like a parlour for me.

Offline HughJardon

Sorry to hear that mate.
My experience was good on both my visits, the 2nd time was better, although I tried to get a booking the other night and she was flat out busy so could not arrange a punt.
Maybe the conveyor belt switch is turned on, I'l revisit before she leaves to verify, and am looking forward to it to be honest.

Online Corus Boy

Called a few times today, phone not picked up and no follow up text saying, "Hello bby when you want to come?"

Offline Jasuk

Maybe she was too fucked to text-back bud??  :D

She leaves Monday and did say she wasn't sure when she was coming back as it is not busy enough. London is much busier.

Looks like I may have just caught her at the wrong time and she was in money milking mode.

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