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Author Topic: xxsweetvictoriaxx Birmingham  (Read 1051 times)

18 review(s) for xx SweetVictoria xx (14 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Littlefoot

Just experienced my first fantastic visit with the,(in my opinion) highly attractive Victoria. I saw she received a few neutrals on here lately. I took onboard their comments, and completely disregarded them. Which turned out to be an excellent choice.

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A few texts (all replied to promptly), and I was in the apartment.


Little side street off Broad street. 15 mins walk from new street train station. Very easy to find with excellent comms. Nice clean and tidy apartment. ( one of the the best I've seen)

The girl:

When Victoria opened the door I was pleasantly surprised. She doesn't look like her pictures. She does look better. Facially stunning, I thought. Fantastic trim body, with nice pair of ample natural breasts. All covered by a sexy little black micro dress. And a lovely big smile to greet me. (Always a good start) also has lovely, dark deep black sexy eyes you could get lost in.

The meet:

When the door opened I was greeted very friendly, and with a big affectionate hug. Little friendly chat first, sorted the paper work. Then was offered shower and drink. Just showered, so just had the much needed water (hot day). Then I was politely asked to wash my hands and swill mouth. (No problem). While she was doing the same I took the opportunity to strip off, as not to waste one second of time. She returned and immediately initiated DFK. Which went on for a few minutes standing. She then proceeded to gently push me onto the bed, where I was sitting, when she gave me a sexy little dance with her back to me she lifted her dress over her perfect ass, and proceeded to rub it into my groin. She then told me to lye down. I promptly obeyed of course. Then loads more DFK. And she then started kissing my entire body. Eventually getting to my throbbing cock. Exceptional BJ. Must of went on at least 20 mins. (Don't think a young buck could take all that without popping. That's one of the benefits of being a more mature gent, can't think of many more benefits though). Then I asked if I could return the favour. She was on her back before I'd finished asking. Victoria has a lovely smelling, and tasty little pussy, with nice big flaps. Which I particularly love sucking and gently nibbling. Victoria seemed to genuinely enjoy this. Either that, or the girl should win an Oscar. (I don't mind either way). Then more kissing, and more cock sucking, with loads of eye contact. Victoria does have the most exceptionally beautiful, and sexy eyes. Oh! forgot to mention the great ball licking. Then she covered me up, and climbed on board. She started a very slow pace, and seemed to be enjoying herself. (Not half as much as me). Whilst she was riding she would keep coming down for FK. Very gradually she picked up the pace, until eventually she was riding me frantically. Even an old fart like myself couldn't take much more. And after 50 mins I finally filled the sack. All the way through the meet I got the impression Victoria could of popped me when, and as she wanted. She cleaned me up, and I asked if my time was up. "Noo" she said "you have 10 mins left".  So she gave me a lovely massage, and had a little chitchat. Said she's going home end of the month, but she's only going for 2 weeks, then she's back.

I did find one fault with her service. It was a hot day, and she had this tiny little fan. I would of been more efficient at blowing air than that. It got very hot in there. I did say I would buy her a nice big one, next time I was in. If your reading Victoria, I was joking, I'm far too tight for that.


A fantastic meet with a stunning girl who was very friendly, and enthusiastic for the whole hour.


Oh one last thing

Can't understand them neutrals


18 review(s) found for xx SweetVictoria xx linked to in above post (14 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

I saw her yesterday LF , also for the first time,and agree with your report....I was looking for little flaws but have to say all was very good.
In addition she seemed to like swallowing my cock right down her throat, something that lots offer but don't follow through. I realise I am averagely endowed but it was lovely to see her mouth right at the base and holding it there, coming up with a cheeky grin on her face  :yahoo:
She is lovely looking and even more so looking up at you after taking a facial all over her face and mouth  :dance:
 I found comms in making the booking were spot on also.
If she is on the downward curve I would have loved to have seen her before!!

Offline Littlefoot

I did forget to mention the sexy little giggles which were a big turn on.


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