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Author Topic: MissNicoleB (Touring but was in Luton)  (Read 388 times)

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Offline 8a8ylon

I start by saying the experience told below was how I felt in the visit & if anyone else goes their might have a better visit.

https://www.adultwork.com/2345698 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissNicoleB

Was texting local girls & came across her profile & sent text on where she was.  Got reply back that was at a near by hotel.  Exchanged a few text on services & got a favourable reply & agreed on 2hrs 15mins for £180.

Got to hotel & gave her a call & went inside & met her on the stairs as she just popped out for a minute.  1st impression she was ok & thought this would be good.  Inside confirmed again on services & finally a fail safe point, we do 1hr & see how that goes & if it's no magic I get £90 back.  Sadly didn't go down well & she advised it was all or nothing.  I went with ALL  :(

She changed to her sexy outfit while I undressed.  I have a stopwatch mode on my watch which I started (more later on this).  She started with a sexy dance & removed outfit.  She advised owo 1st but I advise that I might cum early & we do sex 1st where I'm more in control.

She jumped on CG & made me cum.  At this point my beer googles come off & realise my error & asked if we do 1hr £150 at least I could  crawl but £30 at least.  Sadly no refunds given  :dash:

So I decided to make do as it might get better & we got on the bed.  She started with a message which was her using her nails to lightly scale my arms & legs from the side.  I hate their massages anyway & was looking for that anyway.

After advising a few times to get on top, she did & just crawled some more lightly while I played with her boobs.  We did the for alittle while & then a knock on the door.  It was her duo partner honey-been

https://www.adultwork.com/1171211 or https://www.adultwork.com/Honey%2Dbeex

(A lot nicer looking than Nicole)

Tried to upsell a duo package (for more money) I declined as my mood was gone & just wanted to leave but sadly NO REFUND at all.  Friend went too the bathroom & Nicole came back to the back.  Me laying their I advise owo which she tried to bring to life by spitting & suck the head only.

After awhile of this I suggested try working the shalf but got a reply of 'u only paid £180 & only getting maybe 60% of her best'. I advised carry on to try & get the most out of my situation but physically i wasn't getting any chemistry from either of us.

After some words exchange that I didn't really want to be here but not leaving as I paid for 2hrs 15mins, she got on top where I sucked her boobs.  This started the 2nd sex in CG again.  Even thou I had an erection & she was riding me I didn't cum after awhile she stopped & suggested for a handjob.   Knowing I was going to be here for sometime I didn't want to cum again in case I got an erection again soon afterwards (as I wanted her to go on top again & make her work some some)

Her friend pop out afew times to try & upsell again in a sexy outfit but I had no more money that I wanted to waste here.  So she pop back into the bathroom.

At this point we both were exchange the same point that this wasn't going well & wasn't giving back any money.  Looked at my watch and 40mins had gone & showed her & she & Honey came up with a  whopper of a lie that I had been a hour that was gone by which I disagreed with.  As I wasn't getting any money back & this visit was already going to the dumps fast I moved pass and accepted that an hr had gone.

Nicole suggested various other things in the visit RO, toys etc but none of that would have made the visit any better & advise to do more owo & her going on top for some boob action.  After sometime I got another erection & we did standing doggy.

After that I threw in the towel & wrote off this visit & decide to go home. Chat as I got dressed & left.  Reminded myself that it was my fault & would not pay £150 for 1hr :dash: but had pay £180 insteaded :(

The pics are pro pics, which mean the tummy is photoshopped & the tummy is bigger
Looks wise was a 6 & then 5 say after the 1st round
Is British  but sadly we didn't have a connection
34D boobs but might have been a C, but I'm no expert.
Size 10

As stated above others might like her but for me it was a wasted 1hrs & £180.....

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