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Author Topic: JoAnna & D. Tantric Massage Chingford - Natalie  (Read 934 times)

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Ok, first ever review so please go easy!

Yesterday I called the mobile number on the website to book an appointment for today at 3:30pm.

Today at about 2:30 I realised I would be about 15mins late so called to explain. The girl who answered said this would be fine.

Arrived at 3:40 and texted to ask for door number, told to wait 2 mins. Eventually after 10mins was told to go in and not knock.

I was welcomed by Natalie and lead upstairs to a small room with massage table in middle. Although small the room was fine and clean. Music was playing and Natalie lit candles and then asked me what I was after. I said 1 hr body to body massage with assisted shower after. She said the massage was £100 and the assisted shower £10 extra. I had seen on another review that they got an assisted shower within the £100, but she was insistent that I would have to pay another £10. I only had £100 on me so said I would have to do without. She left me to undress and then came back into the room when I was on the table.

She asked how hard I wanted the massage, I opted for medium. She stripped off and then started the massage. The massage was good, but lets not forget this was supposed to be a body to body massage, well besides about 5 mins on my back and less on my front the rest was a regular massage. I have had quite a few body to body massages and this was up their with some of the worst. Therefore if you want a regular massage with HR then I would recommend Natalie, otherwise maybe opt for Joanne who seems to have good reviews, but was not available today.

The final thing to say is that during the massage and even after as I was getting dressed she kept trying to sound like she was turned on (at least I think that was what she was trying to portray!) she would suck air in through her teeth and then go ooh as she breathed out. It was annoying as she massaged me, but to continue whilst she was resetting the massage table was just ridiculous. Anyway besides that Natalie seemed like a really nice person and looks were not too bad, but don't think I will be rushing back.


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