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Author Topic: Moorish Melissa?  (Read 875 times)

Offline scout

I've really been fancying trying out MM for a bit of squirty fun, and have been trying to guess just what she looks like with her kit off. 

Little brain has been saying good things.

Then she posts her new photos, and now I'm not so sure.  Trying to be tactful I guess. I'm no body beautiful, but not sure she's going to do it for me. Pic below.

Can I ask fellow punters how they found her?  Is this just a bad photo?  Please let it be just a bad photo.


Offline Hotmat

You can see stretch marks and a overhanging belly on the photo.. Not a good sign for me...

is it her ?

She's being discussed her:

Also, I have found these other links:
Not for me, but as we say, each to their own.

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Offline bonzo2016

Met MM sometime ago.  She was a lot older and fuller than I thought she would be.  She was pleasant enough but nothing brilliant.  I won't be returning - there are far younger, prettier and slimmer out there - depends what you're after though

Ive seen MM a few times and rate her very highly indeed. See my earlier review of her.

Yes, she does have a fuller figure but I would certainly not describe her as fat. IMHO she is very attractive in a MILF way. She's also horny as anything and squirts like a fountain. Plus, a very pleasant genuine lady

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