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Author Topic: Souvenirs  (Read 513 times)

Tony Montana

After a sensational punt earlier this week, I found that the WG had left behind a little bag containing 2 vibrators, some lube and condoms.  Thankfully I was able to return them to her, not an easy task considering how tight her box was, but with a good shove I got them most of the way in.

What items have you left behind, or been left with after a punt?

After an overnight spent one Friday in a hotel in the Escort's home town, she left behind her make-up bag.

About ¼-hour after she'd left, she texted, asking had I found it.  I had; and, being the gentleman I am ;), I offered to return it to her early the following week where we had another [on the clock] session. :)

Offline James999

Offline Ali Katt

A few girls have left with pearl necklaces and there names weren't even Tiffany.

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