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Author Topic: Hello From Coventry  (Read 415 times)

Offline andy_nine

Hi all

Long time frequenter on AW for several years and have had my fair share of both good and bad punts.

Like a lot of you this is something I keep to my self but do wish from time to time I had some one i could share "notes" with - was rather pleased when I find this site today!


Offline Lz-129

Welcome mate, I like you keep things close to my chest but just recently found this gaff....glad I did too

Offline andy_nine


Been having a browse through most of this afternoon  :D

Offline billyjo


You got a great selection of some beautiful looking EE's in Coventry.  From my experience you are almost guaranteed a top session when booking an EE, most of them are real fit and very competitively priced, we need more EE women in this country.

Offline andy_nine

It was going to be one of my first questions to be honest.

While I've met plenty of British girls from Coventry i haven't met any of the EE. Agree some look amazing!

Not entirely sure why I haven't yet but it has been a (sub)concious decision so far   :dash:

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