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Author Topic: Cotteridge 'Therapy'  (Read 760 times)

Offline Westney

I'm familiar with the parlours further down on 'Stirchley' High Street, but I've noticed an illuminated sign that flashes 'OPEN' in red outside a 'therapy' centre just outside Cotteridge, on the right hand-side if you're driving towards the city centre. I guess there must be places that are 'legitimate' and perhaps just offer massage therapy without 'extras'. There's a similar place off the Robin Hood Island in Hall Green. I may have mentioned it previous posts but when I first started 'punting' in parlours, certificates were framed in reception areas, 'uniforms' were worn by the girls, and a 'table' was used for the massage. You also held your towel discreetly over your nether-regions as the massage took place, (Oil or the ubiquitous Johnson's Baby powder). Once the massage was finished, you then asked politely; "Would you like anything else Sir?" A far cry from today's situation.

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