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Author Topic: Norton Thai (love Thai) - Various  (Read 3161 times)

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Hope the above link works as I'm writing this on my iPhone.

Been to the Thai place in Norton a few times over the recent months and seen all the different girls that have worked there, will try my best to remember all the names!

Over all I've never left disappointed but the quality has been mixed and the stated ages are never true - don't know why they lie about the age!

Location is ok, as others have said its a ground floor terrace flat with parking and your always asked to go round the back. I've never noticed any neighbours looking.

So first of all I saw:

Linda - big girl! Well at least for a Thai; they are usually tiny but it was clear she liked her noodles - a lot! That not to say she wasn't unattractive but maybe not the norm tiny Thai girl. As this was my first time I didn't know what to expect. She started off with a decent massage and then did OW and finished off with HR. No mention at the time that sex was available.

Susie - by far the most attractive girl I've seen there; advertised as being 28 but is actually in her 40's; not that you could tell. Lovely smile and nice curvy body. I must have seen her about 5 times. Initially it looked looked like HR and a massage was on offer but the more I saw her did OWO and sex. Great, deep, passionate kissing too. At one point she gave me her personal number and was texting me but then stopped replying and disappeared. The last time I saw her the service wasn't as good and she seemed preoccupied with worries.

Mila or Mina? Not sure of the exact name - again in her 40's, decent body and possibly enhanced boobs as they seemed to have avoided the effects of 40 years of gravity. Service this time was OW and sex with a massage. I've only seen her once but would return.

Nancy - my favourite after Susie; attractive women, nice body and possibly the best service in terms of the sex. She lacked the passionate kissing Susie did but the sex was better; she seemed to enjoy herself - or she's just a gifted actress.

Sana - my least favourite in terms of appearance; looked the oldest and loads of crap looking tattoos; names of ex boyfriends etc. Service was OW and sex. One of those where your wanting get it over with and out of there!

Can't remember the last girls name but she was younger and possibly the most attractive and attentive. Great massage and full service. If I can remember her name I will stick it up.

Offline Joeyff

Hi Walt, this sounds tempting.
what prices did they charge?


First couple of times it was £50 then seemed to just go up one day to £60

what about the prices for extra's ?

I'm just mega impressed he could type that much on his iphone!!   :hi:      All I can do to get 2 or 3 words right in a row ffs! 

what about the prices for extra's ?

I think it was only Nacy who wanted another £10 for OWO

Offline sqlbatsman

Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to make it down to this place for a while, some of the girls sound interesting, but just the fact that the conveyor belt system cannot guarantee I will see one I will like, that is bothering me.  :hi:

I would just call and ask who is working or check AW as they also advertise on there.

If it is a totally new girl just bare in mind whatever age your told on the phone or see
on AW add 10 on and that'll be about right!

Sans is down as being 28 but I'd say she's more in her 40's

Offline maxxblue

I think it was only Nacy who wanted another £10 for OWO

She didn't charge any extra when I saw her.

Went today, saw Nancy, and broadly agree with  the OPs comments, although did enjoy some tongue tennis DFK. Last time I saw her it was OW, but this time she went straight into OWO,  and even encouraged some throat fucking.  Indulged myself in some tasty RO before a vigorous mish shag.

Enjoyable half hour session. Last here with Nancy, she rotates to London tomorrow but will be back at some point.

Sumo Linda there now - one to avoid!

Sumo Linda there now - one to avoid!

Thanks for the heads up, was thinking of going this weekend !

Offline lonewolf247

Is this place similar in set up to the one that used to be on peel street in thornaby a few years ago?
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