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Author Topic: NaNa - Broadway Cardiff  (Read 698 times)

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Offline jawill

Phoned before going in. Told a new Japanese girl was available, 23 years old, 34D, size 8. .....

Location : what can only be described as a dump. It's a road off Broadway in a block of flats with a dirty front door and the number scribbled on the front of it. Door was already open as i cautiously entered the dark corridor. No numbers on the doors inside, but one opened and a small Chinese chap gestured for me to walk in.

Inside its a small grubby apartment with stuff everywhere. Has to wait while the girl got ready in the next room then he showed me in.

The girl : not 23 or anywhere near. 30s maybe, maybe older again. Yeah big tits but also a bit of a belly, prob more size 10. Had red lingerie set on. Facially..... Not great. I tried not to look too often so my cock had a little chance of getting erect.

The service : £60 for half hour. Starts by having me lay on my front as she gets on top and gives me a massage. Towels i was laid on didnt smell too clean. Massage was at warp speed. Her hands were moving so quick. Not relaxing in the slightest.

As she was massaging me she was burping. Yes, burpring, quite loud at times. I felt like getting up and leaving at this point but i was still aware of the weird chinese guy who is probably a master in kung foo just outside the door so i stuck with it.

Anyway, turned over, again tried to avoid looking at her face. Tried to touch her boobs instead. Hand was moved away.

No playing with my very limp cock, just straight on with a rubber, two wet wipes and then oral. Nothing special. Tried to touch her tits again, nope, hand moved away. I thought best not try touch her pussy then.

After 30 seconds she laid on her back and spread her legs gesturing me to enter her. I looked down at this hairy bush infront of me with freshly applied lube on it and cellulite fat legs eithernside of it and thought there is no fucking way im going in there.

I declined and just said I'll watch her play and I'll try and whack one off. To be honest there was zero chance of this but i was trying to be polite. She then proceeded to be more fake than Carla in the HNDF saying stuff like, 'ooh yeah, lucky cock, cum for me, ooh baby' but in japanese, which was more off putting.

I gave up, made some excuse about being too tired and left after about 15 mins.

I headed home and immediately had a shower!  One of the worst punts ive ever had in my life and a total waste of £60.

The only pro is that it was the safest sex ive ever had on a punt!

One day I'll have my very own Real Doll Brothel and tenner for 30 mins, one day

I know the feedback has a serious side but reading that i was actually laughing out loud :lol:, great report! And clearly a punt to be avoided.


Doesn't make good reading, you should have walked..

I have been there a couple of times and it is a dump but, the room is clean enough and I allways think when I go there.. I am not going for food there or to meet a girlfriend or to buy the place to live in.

I am going there to see if there is a good girl working and if there is great, I never bother with a massage there just straight into foreplay and sex..  :lol:   it's hit and miss and I allways ignore the description.  I have walked more times than I have stayed but I have had some good punts there..

It's a luck of the draw place.


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