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Author Topic: Sarah Kate - Barking  (Read 2505 times)

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Perhaps my best visit so far. Compared to monies I paid out before £150 for 1.5 hrs (overran) a bargain.

Good ground floor flat in quiet street with free parking from  5.30 or not too far from station. Paid parking available.

Welcomed me, made some small talk and then looked at me like she was an old friend who was about to make my day. She lived up to this.

First of all i'd give 10 out of 10 for the GFE; warm and enthusiastic.  I believe I'm paying for ne on one time with and actress and I want convincing. Sarah did it for me.

If you read the link above you'll know what she likes. All I wanted,  DFK, 69 (OWO) and beautiful bonking made my day.

She's an incredibly fit lady in her 40's. I love an athletic frame and firm body with soft skin. She's not muscly, just toned.   Her (fake) boobs are sooo pert and her ass is to die for.  Looks better than photos and has a lovely smile.
Maybe her legs could be a little longer and.. but she wont disappoint.

Showers before and after.

Will return for a longer visit.

3 review(s) found for sarakate linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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For the OP's sake, I hope this is not true!

Offline dubhcarr

For the OP's sake, I hope this is not true!

+1  :vomit:

Before posting the review I saw another thread where based on photo's some speculated this.

So was I fooled? Maybe, maybe not. I have trying a TS on my desire list and will be heading back for more soon.

I can see there's a real issue in that something should be as its described, but now I'm even more curious.

All I can say the enthusiasm was infectious ..and maybe explainable? Sad if that's what it takes!!!

Not as strange as this.

PS The HRT patch was a nice touch!

My god she's gotta be a man or a one ugly woman

Offline rubric

She's definitely a TG, but hey whatever rocks your boat.

There is no debate it's an ex geezer

There is no debate it's an ex geezer

Sorry to say this but the face in the photo of her/him holding the red silky number looks a lot like Larry Grayson "Shut that whore!"

I've seen this one advertised on a TS site. She looks far too masculine to me hence the googling to confirm it.

Offline TheBSG

Definitely a TS as I found out during a punt with 'her' myself

Definitely a TS as I found out during a punt with 'her' myself
What happend you cnt leave us with a cliffhanger like that  :unknown:

Offline TheBSG

TBH I never realised she was a TS and was blissfully ignoran.

Then found out after and posted about it here


Offline Plato

Damn, I think she looks quite hot...Now I'm starting to worry about myself.

Even clicking the "post" button is a concern.

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