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Author Topic: Sophia-B: London Tour: Meh!  (Read 662 times)

22 review(s) for Sophia-Belle (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3030086 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophia%2DB

Comms: Started off easy via UKE messaging then AW booking which was made by me and read by her on 18 June. Then it got a bit tricky, first off she was going to be on a two venue tour, starting Monday to Wednesday in Victoria and ending Thursday to Saturday in Marble Arch, published on UKE.

Then on the day before the punt when her mobile started to show on AW it showed Monday in Marble Arch, Tuesday in Park Lane, Wednesday to Friday Marble Arch.

So I texted her mid afternoon on pre-punt day to check on the venue for our meeting and a couple of hours later got venue confirmation, a reasonable four star hotel at Marble Arch, basic rooms over £300 a day on the website, adding the congestion charge onto the already hefty fee.

All texts very businesslike, not a hint of a pleasant flirt or a false "bb or hun."

£160, special UKE pricing v published £200, home rates in Scotland are £150.

Sophia’s AW profile and UKE persona come across a bit “elite courtesan”, she describes herself as a “devilishly charming”, a “vixen” and “pleasure oriented” and payments as “donations” but it looks to be written by her and she seems a well educated, sexy 25 year old girl size 8, five feet 4, 32 natural tits, long blonde hair and blue eyes, who happens to enjoy sucking cock for money. Her likes list includes all the stuff I desire, DFK, OWO, protected penetration, facials, CIM & swallow, if she delivers that lot and the gallery photos [albeit with blurred face] are real, I’ll be a happy chap. She travels a fair bit, her Twitter and personal website include tours to the Far East [Asia, not Mile End] as well as England & Scotland.

Her AW feedback is consistently good, although many were in a similar style to her profile, a cynic may say she had a hand in writing them, maybe that’s just the type of punter she attracts. Cross checks on here found mostly positive, mentions of good girl friend experience, small tits, pretty to average face, confirmation that her services are generally delivered and a neutral from her last London tour where the OP says he felt she was going through the motions, price in June was £150.

Anyway, I arrived ten minutes early and texted her, she said she needed five and gave me the room number.

The venue is a nervous punter’s nightmare, concierge desk at the bottom of stairs & escalator up to the first floor reception then a walk through the reception area past another concierge desk to the lifts, all stations were manned but I just walked through as if I was a guest, hit the lift button and up to the floor.

The room, adequate, good size bed, air conditioned, music playing from the TV, ensuite bathroom.

The girl: well dressed in a designed LBD, Jimmy Choos, stockings, exactly as described on her profile, blonde, slim, big blue eyes, beautifully made up, slim and elegant. Pretty is a hot receptionist or air stewardess way, biggish nose and what looked a lot like surgically enhanced lips giving her a slight trout pout.

We kissed, grew to deep French kissing, groped and undressed, naked she is gorgeous, soft skinned with a hint of tan but has tiny tits so if you are a boob man, look elsewhere, great arse and long legs. She kept her heels and stockings on throughout, at my request.

I went down on her for a short bout of ro, short because a few razor bumps including one huge red pimple put me off then came up and turned over, kissed and guided her down, she delivered an ok blow job with a bit of shaft, balls and crack licking but it felt a bit mechanical, she appeared to be not engaged, going through the motions, suck his cock for 4 minutes, lick his balls for two, look at him sultrily while you tease his gooch with your tongue and to be honest I had no feelings of imminent release after 15 minutes of solid sucking, it was pleasant but I wasn’t squirming with pleasure, you know what I mean, despite the fact I had a full tank.

I decided to up the tempo and got her to cover me up and fucked her in cowgirl, she appeared to enjoy it and got progressively wetter, after 10 minutes or so of this I was frankly getting bored.

I got on her knees in front of the mirror for a face fucking, then had her tromboning me like a young Glenn Miller with me pushing her head between my legs to lick and suck my undercarriage while working my shaft with her hand, this got me to the point of no return and I unloaded a messy facial, cim combo, she swallowed what went in her mouth and sucked out any remaining jizz from my cock for good measure.

We cleaned up, chatted and again I had to make most of the running, she was just a bit dull and when she did answer or speak she mainly looked into the mid distance.

I placed her hand on my flaccid cock, that is unusual because if I’m with a naked girl I’m usually at least semi for the whole time, she stroked me lazily and I suggested he was ready for a sucking.

She went down and put in another solid performance for 15 minutes, culminating with me on my back, her rimming and wanking me to a climax which I shot mainly into her mouth, she swallowed the lot without flinching and came up to kiss me.

We chatted for a few more minutes before I saw time was up and I had a meeting to go to, I showered, she put on a very sexy lacy negligee, looks like the one in the photo and kissed me as I left.

She is undoubtedly a good looking girl with a great, albeit flat-chested body, the neutral is deserved because the service delivered for £160 is lacklustre with no spark of real engagement or perceived girlfriend experience.

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22 review(s) found for Sophia-Belle linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline PLeisure

cheers, Yblft - a very useful review with plenty of justification for the Neutral.

Too bad about the disconnect, she does look well presented. Once again, attitude is everything in the punting world  :drinks:

cheers, Yblft - a very useful review with plenty of justification for the Neutral.

Too bad about the disconnect, she does look well presented. Once again, attitude is everything in the punting world  :drinks:

Thanks pal, the balance between attitude, looks, services and price is the biggest conundrum in punting, my preferences are definitely in that order.

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