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Author Topic: Shrewsbury: Amy-Louise time waster  (Read 686 times)

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I feel fully justified leaving this negative review.
A meeting was agreed, a fee was agreed and a total no-show!

Amy came to my attention as a new profile in Shrewsbury. I emailed her via AW and asked to talk to her as she looked my type.
We had an open and good chat on the phone - she took my call even though I withheld my number as my punting phone wasn't handy.

I said that as I was quite new to the area, I was looking for a new 'favourite girl' but I wanted to take advantage of her 'anal play' listed on her likes. As she was only doing out calls, I asked if we could meet for a coffee - I offered to pay £40 for her time - no nookie would take place. If we got on, we could take it from there & I would book a room.

We whatsapped a few times to agree a time and place - Starbucks in Shrewsbury. I whatsapped the evening before and confirmed, she said that she had forgotten it was her son's school sports day - could we rearrange for the following week - no issue to me. We rearranged and agreed a new time and day.
Again, the night before at 6:30pm, I WA'pd to check - yes, all is good, she said.

I rolled up to the place and - nothing. No communication, i'd been blocked on whatsap and text.

I sent a very gentle message on AW saying I understood if she'd been held up - I was blocked there too.

What a chuffing waste of time.
Don't waste your time guys.

1 review(s) found for amy-louise24 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I don't wish to offend, but I'm surprised she agreed to that request in the first place, sounds like she just got spooked rather than a time waster.

Offline Fishface

Yes as wolves lad says.

Meet a complete stranger in a very public place who could potentially then sit with a bunch of mates sniggering at the 'prossie' sat on her own looking uncomfortable.  It wasn't a date was it?!

Not saying you were up to no good but from her point of view a total no no, maybe too embarrassed to say no at the time.

Offline Taggart

Maybe she realised that you could be setting her up? Maybe there is another reason.
And isnt using whatsapp with a WG rather risky?   Profile doesnt list kissing. She wont last long.

Sorry, but she saw my feedback on AW which is impeccable.
We exchanged very pleasant messages via whatsap following our telephone chat.
An innocent meeting in a Starbucks is far far safer for her that meeting me for the first time in a hotel room.
I've had several meetings with ladies via seekingarrangement in a coffee shop prior to a full on meeting.
Why is using whatsap with a WG risky if you have a secret punting phone? I use it regularly with girls.
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Offline Madone1

That's a shame I think she might be new to the business and still needs to find her feet. If she does have a kid and that body she is one hell of a milf just wish she offered Incalls makes life so much easier for everyone.

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