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Author Topic: Serena, Newtown Sauna Edinburgh  (Read 14340 times)

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Offline teutonic

Leaving Lily's flat - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=10420 - my plan B was to text the Blowjob Queen and Sweet 'n Petite to see if either of them was available on short notice. Only the latter got back to me, and quite quickly I might add, but said she was all booked out for the day. Alright. Time for Plan C then.

My Plan C was trying one of the local saunas, so I made my way to the North-East of the city centre. Found Newtown Sauna easily enough, and upon entering was greeted by a friendly lady behind a window. Said the entry fee was £20, to be paid to her, and the girls would ask for £50 for a half hour punt. I was wondering if I would get the entry fee back if I didn't like any of the girls. She replied she would not return any money but give me a card instead - was about to ask what that was good for (I guess free or discounted entry next time?) when she said I could also pay just £10 for now to see / chat with the girls, and if I liked one, I could give her the other £10 later.  Fair enough, I went with that option.

Inside there were three ladies sitting in the lounge - an older one (40?) and two young ones (early 20's), one of which I immediately took a shine to. :D Serena - petite, extremely cute face, dark haired and curvy (dress size 10 - 12, probably). Friendly looking girl. Allegedly from Germany - however, when I tried speaking German to her as we went to the room, her accent strongly hinted at an Eastern European origin. Her German was intelligible enough though, so I didn't make a point of probing where she was from originally.

Serena was happy to do uncovered oral for 15 minutes, the latter half of which we spent in 69. Finished it up with Cowgirl and Doggy. Eh, not much you can do in the space of 30 minutes - I'm starting to think that half hour bookings aren't for me. However, I really fancied Serena (much unlike Lily) so had no problems finishing shortly before the time was up. Gave her the monies, took a shower, and bade my goodbyes. Happy end after all.

So yeah, Newtown Sauna: friendly enough people, very few but good looking girls, reasonably priced. Going by this first glance at it, I can see myself making this establishment my regular plan B should my next few punts there go like this one.
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not been to newtown sauna, normally go to carols as it cheaper, but since they dont allow reviews any more and my fav girl  roxy has left , maybe should give it ago

Online Marmalade

not been to newtown sauna, normally go to carols as it cheaper, but since they dont allow reviews any more and my fav girl  roxy has left , maybe should give it ago

You can feel free to give honest reviews of any prossie you like on here mate - the "no reports" stuff was one of auto-censored's rules, not here.

I guess one advantage of Newtown is that is very close to LSS, so if you can get out of paying door fees you can always have a gander at both. Although Carols is quite close to Scorps I suppose.

Carols and scorps are close in every sense, get the sack from one, you meander over to the other.

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