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Offline hullad

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I had managed a rare afternoon off to meet a regular and was en route to hers when I got a message from her. Her mum had been taken to hospital and was cancelling, I know it to be correct as well through social media hers and her sisters posts.

So I was all ready for a punt and I went onto AW and searched, rang several ladies with no result. I Carla and thought hey why not, well she was available, frigging cheap and that should have put me off. I booked a time  and pointed the car onto a western direction and soob found a nice parking space a coupke of streets away. Its quite a nice area and I was not worried about visiting or leaving my car. I rang for the house number and ealked down the street.  I do at times like a rough dirty shag and when I saw the street I picked her house out, the one with the for sale sign, jungle like garden, no nets and curtains hanging roughly. Now at this point I should have just turned around and gone down to one of the very good local parlours, but no.

Carla opened the door and invited me in, not bad clearly not 39, they never are more like mid to late forties. The photos are quite accurate not a bad body. I follwed her upstairs to a bedroom that was untidy to say the least, my little man was still ruling common sense as I handed over £40 for half an hour. She asked me to strip and wr got onto the bed to discuss the punt and I was just going to go for a bit of owo. She pulled her bra off and climbed on top, sticking her tongue inside my mouth. Something was telling me to gey on with it and do one so I directed her to me dick abd she proceeded to pkay with it. After a fee mintues she was licking it like a whippy 99 and my balls as well. I have to say she was good at it and was not in any rush to make me come. She asked if I wanted a 69 and I was thankfully reluctant as I normaly love a bit of pussy licking. She laid at the side of me playing with me and guided my hand to her crutch and I was soon fingering her and she was gripping my finger with her pussy, neat trick. She returned to the OWO and I have to say she was good at it and wad soo  ball deep inside her mouth/ throat . I asked if she would kneel before me and suck me off, she agreed and she slowly cranked up the action slowly, licking everywhere slowly and grasping it and taking into her mouth whilst using her tongue. I love oral its my favourite and Carla is one of the best at it I have had and I was soon gripping her head and face fucking her. My knob was down her throat and it still wax when I emptied  a weeks load of man fat down her throat and she swallowed the whole lot.

I was offered a wet wipe which I used and slowly got dressed and she looked at her phone. She wiped her fanny with a wet one and told me her next client was waiting in the street. I still had around 8/9 minutes left and was a bit annoyed. She then told me the one before me had only gone just before I arrived and I must have passed him as its a cul de sac and the prospect of seeing her next one as he was parked in the street.

I was soon on my way and off up the road back to the car, in the car I used the mouth wash before I had some water. She had only wiped her fanny with a wet one, never offered a shower or drink, the dirty cow put the same underwear back on and  had pushed my knob on the panties.



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Yeah if I'm visiting a house I wander about a bit and get a feel of the street
If the garden is shit and the paintwork fucked it's usually a good indication that inside the house will be a mess and most likely the WG too...

Like you, sometimes I STILL need to empty the bolox however!!


The realities of punting of which we are all aware but try not to think about too much - do you think she cleaned her teeth or used mouthwash before seeing the next punter or had she done so before seeing you?
Quite a brave TOFTT Hullad and clearly one to avoid. At least it only cost you £40.

Offline hullad

Yes I have agonised over all the possibilities, gum clinic this week to be sure but I am fairly clear I think. Trouble with it was I actually enjoyed face fucking her she was good at what she does, just not hygenic.

Mental scarring could last weeks..

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