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Offline Gigiddy

Wrote this August 2015

Don't know where it went ....anyhow.

Lorenna 22

1 hour only £70

Drawn by VFM and apparent  tight body and long blonde hair what could possibly go wrong ?

Comms very good

 The meet A clever woman, she meets you at a bus stop in her car and you follow to her ground floor flat in a small complex near by with free parking.

 She seemed to keep a distance and from a distance she has long blonde hair and a killer ass

 I didn't get to see her face till I got into the flat and door was closed..

 Fair dos for a woman in her 60s she has a cracking figure when dressed up.

 I am sure she was a stunner 30  even 20 years ago. She makes the best of what she has with thick makeup but fags and life have taken their toll.

Thing is I didn't want someone 20 years older than her profile states. 10 maybe but 20 ...NO

The place
Her ground floor flat was which she shares with another girl was cold and untidy but she offered me a soft drink.

" I won't bother putting on the heating as we will soon warm up" was her response to the cold room

The room was small with a cheap double IKEA bed which was very rattly, full bin of er tissues and there were worn articles of clothing hung around the tiny room.

The deed
Worse acting than an Nigerian soap opera.
Waved her flat tits in my face for a bit.

 Did reverse oral....this is when I discovered she tasted of urine..which for some may be a turn on but not for me.

 She rode me for a few minutes then went to mish where she oohed and ahh'd a bit then tried to encourage me to come but my fella wasn't having any of it....never liked Nigerian soap operas

 Finished off with a handjob then she talked for ten minutes but instead of round two she was up and out of the door making her excused and hurrying me out after only 40 minutes.

 It was my first punt for a few years otherwise I would have walked but ..looking at it in retrospect. I guess I only lost £70..lesson learnt.


Will I return.  No Way
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

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