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Author Topic: ...Kerry... in bradford (area)  (Read 959 times)

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Offline cueball

https://www.adultwork.com/2113642 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2E%2E%2EKerry%2E%2E%2E+

Curvily springing out of my young yorkshire milfs hotlist come this lass. I've had her listed for quite a while and my summer prune made her become a priority podge. I've had comms about a booking a while ago but schedules dictated we didn't meet. She later came recommended by a buddy on here via the wooly grapevine but she were already high on my list. So, here we go again, crossing the border into bandit country.

Comms.... email exchanges to eventually find a day and time that we both can make (she's fairly part time at this lark). Phone numbers swapped and a phone call to put the final touches to the arrangements.

Venue.... modern, cheap hotel in the Bradford area, not quite in the city but on the doorstep, it were clean with free parking. I can't go into too much detail as its not a good idea to name podging hotels imo. I don't mind hotel meets at all, you get used to sailing in bold as brass. The trick is not to enter as a nervously sweating fool sporting the rabbit in the headlights look. Stroll in as if you're a guest and head straight to the instructed floor and room.

Looks...... yes, it's certainly her in the pictures. She's a good looking curvy lass. Just the right look for me with big natural tits and a nice curvy arse. She's got a girl next door kind of look, no make up and dressed normally (I didn't make any dress requests),  quite refreshing to not be met by a lass dolled up to the nines and plastered in make up. A naturally attractive lass sums her up nicely.
 I were pleased as punch when the door opened and this lass were stood before me.

The action.... I knock on the door and she welcomes me with a friendly smile and a good snog. I can tell she's a little nervous or shy maybe but that adds to the buzz for me some times.

We're stood up and snogging nicely, she's getting more settled as her tongue explores my mouth whilst mine explores hers. I'm working her naked whilst this snogging continues.

I get her down to her birthday suit whilst I'm still fully clothed, I rectify that in double quick time.

Onto the bed, both naked, we get stuck into some real passionate snogging whilst we have a proper good feel up of each other.

I work my way down her body with my tongue, obviously stopping off at her big tits to pay them some well deserved attention.

I reach her bald pussy and enjoy a good lick, lap and finger of her. She seems to be enjoying it in a not over the top way.

I request some 69 and over we go, on she plonks and away we go, she gets stuck into the owo like a trooper and I get to work with the lapping.

I'm not convinced by the term "wide on" but she does seem very turned on and enthusiastic. Her pussy seems to take on a very nice look of gaping wide open, it is getting some serious attention from me though, I do like a good lap of a clean pussy.

I'm ready to go podging now though.

On with the rubber over coat and on she climbs in cg, bloody hell, she's tight, her pussy seems to really grip my little pecker.

Her cg is a hard, sweating grind accompanied by proper dfk, very intense as those big tits rock back and forth. I'm loving it.

I did start out with the intention of swapping positions but I'm loving that cg, she's a cracking sight riding my cock with her hair swooping and those tits swinging. Today after all the oral and 69ing I just went with the flow and let her ride me for quite a stint.

 I did intend to ask about her like of cim but the combination of the view and the tightness of her pussy sees me popping in my bag in cg, popping in cg is very rare for me so it felt good to savour this pleasure.

I thought it were all over quickly but a time check revealed I'd done around 45 minutes of my hour locked on with her. That's good enough for me, chat, some more carressing and more snogs sees my time done.

To sum up.... she's  an enthusiastic girl next door vanilla kind of podge. She's maybe high end on the money compared to others that offer anal etc but she really is a very good gfe podge. I were well satisfied. She seemed one of those lasses that get as much out of the sex as we do. She's very part time and can take some careful planning to book.

Would I recommend... yes I would. You're not meeting a porn star though, you're meeting a genuine lass that likes getting podged. I enjoyed meeting this lass a lot, she were quite different to a lot of paid podges I've had. Some lasses make you feel anonymous even if it's a good time but this lass felt more like a pulled civvie rather than a paid podge.

Would I return.... I've already got plans for round two, that says it all for me.

2 review(s) found for ...Kerry...  linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Great review as ever Mr CB. :hi:

She seems like a fine lass. Glad you had fun.  :drinks:

Offline thrck20

Good review as always. Looks wise what do you think ??

Offline stevedave

Great review cueball, cheers!

She's been on the maybe list for a long while, she's just jumped up a few places  :thumbsup:

Offline cueball

Looks wise what do you think ??

Better than her pics if I'm honest, she's lost a little weight from her pics.

Good looking lass in a natural rather than plastered in make up kind of way.

Offline Tricks

Good review Cueball.

I do like to see the odd part timer, it just adds a different element sometimes :hi:

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